Thursday, May 30, 2013

Prettying up the Porch & Patio

Memorial Day proved to be a work day around the Pennington place.
We didn't set out for that to happen, but once we got started, we just kept plugging away.
The garage was cleaned out & organized ... again.
With as many working men, tools, work boots, tool boxes, & tools {get the picture} around here, 
there's no option but to stay up on the organizing.
Three vehicles were cleaned out & vacuumed.
Bedrooms & closets were cleaned & laundry was caught up.
The fun work of the day, however, was on the porch & patio.
Here are a few pictures of what we accomplished.

I had decided that I was going for a certain look for the front porch this year.
I wanted to paint the big pots bright green, of the lime-ish shade  -- & add accents of black & white.
That was my plan for weeks ... until I stumbled on these primitive buntings again this year!
{I've had these before, but hadn't found them in a while.}

These wonderful buntings changed up my plan instantly.
Guess I was feeling extra patriotic.
I bought a large one for the front & 2 small ones for the sides, but the large one just didn't hang nicely.
I opted to return it & do 4 small ones all the way around.

I don't have the whole look pulled together just yet, but considering I am usually behind
on posting things on here as they are occurring, I decided to show what I've done for now
& update as I add more to it.
I am searching for 2 chairs for the porch, to stay out all summer,
but haven't found what I'm looking for just yet.
I also want to add a big primitive star right above these front buntings -- I have one,
I just need to have James hang it.

These are the pots that I had planned to paint green, but maybe next year.
To go with the primitive buntings, I decided to leave them as they are.
They aren't the perfect pots, but they were free, all three of them ... a trash pic score from a few years ago.

I decided to go with red geraniums for the main flower on the porch.
I added in a green plant for contrast & a vine that blooms yellow to cascade down the side.
Now to just practice patience til everything gets full & tall.

One pot by each porch post ...

& one on the other end of the house by the garage.
{Not sure why I didn't take a straight shot!}

Also on the porch is the galvanized bucket filled with geraniums.

I love this little bucket ... James found it at a flea market.

I moved my little spiral tree from the living room out to the porch.
I want a light feature somehow or another, but I'm just not sure this is it.
It may go back inside, but for now, I'm enjoying it lit up at night.
{I searched & searched for lights on a brown cord with no luck.}

I added a new rug, but it bugs me that the 'W' really looks like an 'M' upside down.
I guess it wouldn't bug me as much if the 'W' wasn't too small.
Eh well ...

Lastly, I only hung one basket this year, instead of the normal three.
I think with the buntings, I don't need them.
I chose white geraniums.

Now, moving on to the front flower bed.

I only added a couple things here this year, one being a Double Knock-Out Rose Bush.
I've been wanting one for a year or so now & I'm anxious to see it take off.

I also added this {can't remember what it's called} ... it was marked down at Lowe's to $3!

These fushia geraniums were a gift for Mother's Day.
I took off the hanger & decided to sit it in the flower bed.
I love using various garden decor to spruce things up ... thus the tulips sign.
Kinda funny, I don't have a single tulip planted anywhere ;)

I am absolutely crazy about my Buttercups!
Here they are in the morning ... look at all those blooms!

And here they are one day later!
I love the contrast of the red tips before they bloom out into the gorgeous yellow!
Another favorite about these, they close up at night.
So sweet.

The last thing is my wonderful little dwarf Japanese Maple.
Love this thing!
It's a little blurry cause it's been so windy around here lately.

Here are a few pictures from the back patio.
I'll post some in a few days with all my patio furniture & umbrella, etc.

Here are my stacked pots that I've used for years & years.
Well, not the same ones exactly, cause they've been broken & replaced.
I had 2 sets of these at our old house, one on either side of our front door.
I just love them.
Here's what it looks like now, at the beginning of the season.
{I've added to the bottom & middle pots since this pic
cause it was looking puny & I forgot to add the vine.}

Here is what it looked like last year, a few weeks after planting .

And here's what it looked like at the end of season!
See why I am nuts about my stacked pots?!

In the top pot, I planted a Gerbera Daisy.
I've never planted these before, but they were marked down to $1 each & I love them.
This little gal shed half of her petals on day two =(

Here's the second one ... planted in another clay pot that sits on top of our fire pit when it's not in use.
The third one is yellow & was planted in the front bed.

I added 2 more hanging white geraniums.

 This one is quite quirky in shape, but that's alright.

James added this bird feeder last year & boy does it attract some beautiful birds.
Someone forgot to buy birdseed {we've gone through several bags in the last couple weeks}.

Another markdown was this miniature rose bush ... $3.
We planted it on the corner where we just removed a tall shrub that died during the winter.

And these 2 Easter Lilies were left-over from Easter at church.
We put them in the ground next to the mini roses.
We are thinking of digging up this side of the house & making a bed, but just haven't decided.

We transplanted some ivy next to the mailbox & have done a few other things this week.
We've yet to get the fresh mulch put down.
Once we get it all done, I'll share a few pics of the front yard.
Nothing fancy, but it sure is looking great around here though, little by little.
Of course, my summer evening job pruning, dead-heading, & watering has begun.
It's a big job ... & hopefully this summer won't be SO hot as it was last year.
It nearly burnt everything up.

Hope your Memorial Day was as busy relaxing as ours was ;)


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  1. I've been working on my own porch lately! It isn't perfected yet, but it's definitely improved! Yours looks beautiful, Angie!!

  2. Everything looks beautiful!!! Your $3 Lowes score is a foxglove, I got some from there last year and I love them! :) Thanks for sharing your hard work with us, it all is wonderful!

    1. Foxglove ... yes, that's what the tag said. I threw it away & couldn't remember the name of it. Thank you. It's so unique. Thank you for sharing a comment ...sure appreciate it, Jill.

  3. Everything looks gorgeous! I love the stacked pots! I may have to try this! Thanks for sharing with Diann and I at TTF this week!


    1. Thank you lots! And yes, go for those stacked pots! They make such a fun statement.

  4. it's beautiful! I love your pictures too!

  5. WHERE did you find those buntings??? I'd love some for our cabin!

    1. Christmas Tree Shoppes ~ aren't they just wonderful? I love the primitive colors.

  6. Everything looks great! WHERE did you find those buntings??? I'd love to find some for our cabin.

  7. LOVE your porch! So pretty/ Thank You so much for sharing on last weeks party. Hope to see more from you on my next party.

    1. Thank you so much, Rita!! I sure appreciate you stopping by!