Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sand + Candles = Easy Centerpiece

Up until last week, we've had a very mild summer.
In fact, it's been downright cool at times, feeling more fall-like on some evenings.
That's right up my alley, of course.
That being said, we've enjoyed many dinners on the patio.

I thought of making this centerpiece last year, but didn't get around to it.
This spring, I added a bag of sand to my list & picked it up 
when I bought all my hanging baskets & flowers.

This fun centerpiece literally took all of about 3 minutes to put together.
I've had this little galvanized metal container for years.
I love it so much & have used it in a variety of ways.

Seem like the candlelight makes my pictures kinda wonky, 
thus further solidifying that I am NOT a professional photographer.
Don't hold it against me, alright?

I just poured in the sand, stuck in the candles, gave them a light, & we were good to go!
Instant simple centerpiece.

The wax from these candles drips down the sides, looking all craggly & neat ...
& when it hits the sand, it puddles up & dries.
You can pick it out and throw it away for an easy clean up.

It's amazing how much light comes from these 7 candles ...
just right as the evening grows darker.

Ya know, in a few short months, we'll probably be watching the snow fly ... 
so I think I'll enjoy this as often as I can until then.
Hope all of you have had a great summer.


  1. How clever is this? Great idea! Thanks for sharing it at our Get Your DIY party! October's theme is Falling for Fall. I hope you'll come back on the 5th and share with us again! XO

  2. Why thank you! I'll look for the October party. Thanks for hosting!m =)