Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The GORGEOUS Gaylord Opryland Hotel

Speaking of gorgeous //winky face//

We decided after exploring the District the night before, we'd end our 2 day stop in Nashville
by visiting the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.
Let me tell you, you have to see it to believe it!
It's like a whole little city inside a hotel.
You can even take a boat ride to tour the interior of the property.

There is one picturesque spot after another.

Many of the guests were sitting on their balconies enjoying brunch.
I hope to do just the same one of these days.
Course, I'm nuts about window boxes & these were definitely a great added touch.

This was one of my very favorite spots.
It was all set up for a wedding & oh, what a pretty place to get married!

This huge arrangement was to die for.
I mean, it was massive!
The picture can't even show it.

Look at this little bistro set all covered with green!
I totally fell in love with this.

Eeekkkk.....nothing could be cuter.

Well, except maybe Gunnar.

And Riley.
{Look at those guns!}
{BTW, there were 2 teenage girls that followed Riley around all through the hotel. Oh my.}

Me & my palm tree obsession.

This one was SO tall ... several floors tall.

Just everywhere you look, there are all kinds of trees, plants, greenery, & flowers!
So lush.
And with the sound of streams & waterfalls, it was very peaceful, even with all the tourists around.

So, our plan is this:  we want to check in here for a few days & maybe not leave!
Why would we?
There are 8 or 10 restaurants, many gift shops & stores, & as you can see, plenty of places to sit & relax.
Sounds like a pretty romantic weekend to me.
Truthfully though, we'd probably have to split our time between this lovely hotel & exploring Nashville.
There's still plenty we want to see in the city.
Either way, we're looking forward to it!

In case you aren't familiar with the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, click on this link
& ready about it's history ... very interesting.

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  1. Hey, I just want you to know I think it's beautiful the way your family still does so many things together, even though your boys are grown. So many families I see just go their separate ways more and more as the kids get older and I find that very sad. I know time and responsibilities change things, (and I know a couple of weddings are about to change things for you all A LOT!) but it's also obvious you've managed to keep a close family bond and I think that is precious. I hope it's something we can always maintain in our family as well.

    And isn't Opryland hotel AMAZING? We've been the last two years for the TTD convention, but I really hope we can go around Christmas time this year to see it decorated for the holidays.

    1. Tanya, your comment gave me a lump in my throat.
      I am so incredibly grateful for the closeness we share together as a family.
      We knew what we wanted for our family early on & with God's help,
      we've been abundantly blessed to reap the fruits of our labors.
      We wanted an environment where they knew how much we loved to spend time with them,
      and we also wanted them to love each other ... to get along & to realize that family is a treasure.
      James and the boys have a saying that they've repeated for many years ... "God & Family."
      That's truly sums up what's important in life.
      I pray you have the same thing with your children.
      There's truly nothing more rewarding.

      And the TTD conf ... I didn't realize it was held there.
      What a great place for it!

  2. It is a beautiful place and your photos captured it well!