Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Our Master Bedroom

Our ever changing master bedroom.

Not everything changes.
Certainly not the BIG things.

But little things like pillows & wall decor.

I just can't seem to nail it.

Here are some of the past looks.

The chevron pillows were the first ones that I ever made.
And the large antique frame to the right, I added chicken wire to the back so I could clip things to it
like keepsakes, cards, pictures, etc.
I made the banner that swags from the top with strips of burlap & chevron fabric left from the pillows.

I took the frame down this spring ... wanting less of a shabby look, I suppose.

Here's what my side of the bed look like now.
I love the wall hanging filled with pictures taken in South Carolina in 2013.
I made this a few months after that vacation & I'm pretty sure I took pictures so I could blog about how to make it, however, the pictures are nowhere to be found ... thus, I never blogged about it.

The general idea:  I bought 9 frames {8x10} at the Dollar Tree & spray painted them cream.
I outlined/hot glued each frame with rope, tying a knot at one end.
I bought a piece of foam board & glued on each frame after placing the picture inside.
Lastly, I made a 'hanger' on the back with twine & hung it on the wall.
It hung on James' side of the bed til I just moved it to mine.

When we purchased our 2nd house about 18 years ago, we bought this cherry sofa table
& the matching round coffee table.
So, in place of a nightstand, I use the sofa table.
It goes perfectly with our cherry bedroom set.

I'm currently lamp shopping, but not finding what I'm looking for.

Also on my side of the room, the armoire with the TV inside & the sofa.
I always wanted a sofa in my bedroom & seeing how this room is SO huge, I got what I wanted.

We bought this sofa when we bought the cherry tables, so it's a few years old.
Guess the crooked seam that bugs me just shows that this sofa has been well-loved ;)

My mother-in-law made my cream curtains about a year after we got married,
making them about 23 years old!
Classic cream tab tops that haven't gone out of style.
In fact, I loaned Gunnar & Abigail a set of these to use at their house.

There's one more thing on my side of the room ... our treadmill  =/
I've never been a fan of it in our room, but that's where it had to be.
Now that we have 2 empty bedrooms, we'll probably move it out sometime or another.

James has a chair on his side, along with his nightstand and basket for books.
I should've hidden those cords.
Bad blogger.

I took a piece of the same chevron fabric that I used on the pillows to cover the center
on the cream wall hanging for an updated look on a piece I've had for years.

And this plant ledge, well, I've switched things out many time over, but never seem to get it right.
I love that there are two outlets up there so I can flip the switch & it's all lit up.

Right now, the plant ledge is missing this big clock that sat right above the door.
I've moved it to the living room, but I think I'm putting it back cause it's a bit too small for the space.

We replaced the flooring in our master bathroom a while back & it's a big improvement
over the vinyl that was there before.

We also painted it the lightest grey we could find.
It's just a hair from being white.

I bought these sheets last spring {I think} cause I went NUTS over the orange gingham.
And I found them just at the time I had decided that our bedroom needed some orange.
{James' favorite color and a good accent with the light aqua walls.}
I use them from spring to early fall, but I have to say, I'm always glad to have my white sheets back on.

Here's what the bed currently looks like.
The sweet bicycle/basket pillow was a recent gift from my sweet DIL, Abigail.
She know how much I love bikes & baskets.
And the fact that the bike is parked on the beach, bonus!

I replaced the smaller cream fleur-de-lis with a big dark one {it used to hang in the living room}.
{I also have a thing for fleur-de-lis.}

Across from the bed is this fun wall, complete with a new bicycle wall hanging.
All the framed pictures were taken on vacations in South Carolina.
The aqua bicycles in the oval frame were the inspiration for the master bedroom color scheme.

Live in the sunshine ~ swim in the sea~ drink the wild air.

And so although I can never get our room how I want it {maybe I'm not sure how I want it},
there is one thing I am sure of ....

This room brings us so much comfort! 

In the evening, when come upstairs to close out our busy & tiring day,
this room serves it's purpose perfectly.

With the rest of the room dark & whimsical lights twinkling in the palm tree, it kinds feels like a warm hug.

So while it may have seemed for a minute like this was a blog post about decorating ...
or it may have even seemed like a blog about being discontent with the room, the decor ...
or about how it just a hodge podge of mix-match stuff that we've had for years
& isn't nearly what I want it to be ...

It's really about NONE of those things.

It's a blog about being grateful.

At the end of the day when we crawl into our comfortable bed, with a mattress that feels amazing,
sheets that are clean, a room that's cool when it's hot outside & warm when it's cold,
I feel abundantly blessed.
More than I deserve.

I may never get each piece of decor just right.
I will definitely never have a magazine-worthy look.

I will, though, have a heart of thanks for the many blessings that have come my way.
I am thankful for a husband that provides.
I love our home & all it's imperfections ... the shelter & comfort it that our 'home sweet home' brings.
Cause it's filled with love.
Always has been, always will be.

And that, my friend, money cannot buy.

**My style has changed so much through the years that I'd love to start from scratch.
I feel like not much in our current home is representative of my style, at this point.
We will be 'down-sizing' in a year or so & are currently deciding to build or buy/remodel.
I'm biding my time with all my current furniture/decor until that time comes.
I can barely contain my excitement at the endless possibilities.

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  1. You have a sofa in your bedroom! I wish so much I had the space for that, although I may never come out of my room if I did! ;) And I LOVE the aqua. I haven't been able to use it in my home yet, but aqua has a vintage quality I think is so pretty and very classic. And the bicycle pillow is just perfect.

    Your "Home sweet Home" is lovely! Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. It does make it feel kinda 'hotel-ish' in a good way. All it's missing is a mini-fridge & coffeemaker. Then maybe I'd never come out! =P Thanks for the sweet compliments.

  2. I also would never come out of my room if I had a sofa in there! The whole rooms looks so serene & cozy!

    1. Thank you -- cozy and serene is truly how it feels to us.