Saturday, August 22, 2015

Spring Mill State Park

Last Saturday, we were finishing up our spontaneous weekend getaway
with a stop at Spring Mill State Park.

The day before, we enjoyed our time in French Lick & West Baden.
You can read all about that here.

As I previously said, no matter how many times we go to Spring Mill & look at the same falls
& tour the historic village, I take the same photos over & over again.

But I just can't help it.
I mean after all, who can resist snapping pictures of natural beauty such as this?
It seemed especially serene at this visit.
And that's just what I was needing in my spirit.

All the rain we've had in the previous months has given us a gloriously green August!

The history represented in these old log cabins is beautiful & tells it's own quiet story.

Wish I could transport this little rock-walled garden to my own backyard.

I am in love with this picture ... what a perfect bucket of vines and flowers.

And moss ... I can't get enough of it.
I'm pretty sure that I've taken pictures of moss in every state and country we've visited.

This roof!
Gaah ... looks like something out of Lord of the Rings.

Course, trekking back to the falls is a must.
It gets cooler and cooler the closer you get.

We were feeling adventurous & decided to hike back to Donaldson's Cave.
Adventurous for a few reasons ... one, we wanted to see the cave.
Two, it was quite an adventure cause we totally didn't wear the right shoes for hiking!
We hadn't planned to hike!
And lastly, it was in the 90s so it was as hot as a mug!

And I should've taken a pic of all the 50 million steps leading down to the cave.
And yup, we had to climb those same 50 million steps to come back up!

This water was ICE ICE cold!
Like it literally made our feet numb in no time.

Now what was so fun about this trip to the park, we kept seeing Amish folks everywhere.
This was when we came out of the cave ... a few little gals had hiked to the cave
& were cooling their feet in the water ...
AND, taking selfies!

First they used their flip phones to make sure their hair was in order.
So cute.

Up by the mill, there was another group resting & wading in the water.
This was fun to see cause you all know how much I am intrigued with the Amish.
We were able to take this photos very discreetly & they had no idea we (or others)
were snapping a few shots.

Turns out, we ended up seeing 2 huge tour buses from Shipshewana.
A big group had traveled over to spend the day at the park.

All in all, any day spent anywhere with my baby is the perfect day for me.
Well, technically not anywhere, but you know what I mean ;)

It's these stolen moments with each other that keep us sane ... that bring some balance
to the otherwise topsy turvy circumstances that life often brings.
He's my rock & my romance, my life & my love.
He's God's gift & I'm daily grateful to be spending my days doing life with him.

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  1. Angela this trip you and James made on the 22nd of August would have been my 56th wedding anniversary; so glad you enjoy and again it made my day. Thanks again Shelby from Tennessee

    1. Aw ... well a happy belated anniversary to you!! Thanks for visiting!

  2. I'm rather amazed they had phones! But it was a group of teenagers, so I shouldn't have been surprised too much. The falls are so pretty!

  3. Hola, hermoso lugar, una pareja muy linda. Saludos desde Costa Rica.