Thursday, August 6, 2015

There is NO Confusion in Truth!

I joined Tony Evan's 'Praying God's Names for 30 Days' this week
and the starting day for me was yesterday.
Each day, you get an email that includes one of the names of God, what it means,
& a prayer that goes along with it.
Short, sweet, but oh so power packed!

I can't seem to shake yesterday's, so I thought I'd share the good word.
{And encourage you to sign up and start praying these wonderful & powerful names of God with me!}
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The name of God for yesterday was:

Jehovah El Emeth

The verse:  Into Your hand I commit my spirit;
 You have ransomed me,
O Lord (Jehovah), God (El) of truth (Emeth). Psalm 31:5

Here's where it especially got good ... the prayer!

"Jehovah El Emeth, thank you for the perfect purity of truth.
Thank you that there is no confusion in truth.

Truth is your viewpoint on a matter, and thank you that you have not sought to hide your truth
or make it difficult for me to grasp.

Your truth is readily available to me in your Word.
Thank you for giving me the ability to read, Jehovah El Emeth,
and for giving me the ability to discern your truth from what the world tries to paint as truth,
 but rather is a lie from the devil.

Thank you for the power of your truth that makes life’s choices easier to make
when aligned under your truth."

Oh my word!
How could so many POWERFUL sentences be packed into one prayer?!
If that doesn't make you want to seek for HIS truth, I don't know what will!

The sentence that stuck out overall to me was, "There is no confusion in truth!"
That applies in every area of life.

You've heard of people who tell so many lies to so many different people
that they can't keep their story straight?
They can't remember what they've told to whom & before long, they've gotten themselves a confused mess!
So much easier to just tell the truth!

{I'm sad to say that I even know professing believers who stretch the truth, twist the truth,
embellish the trust, exaggerate the truth ... none of which is ok!}
{If this is you, STOP!}

You know what they say about honesty, it's the best policy.

If you apply the statement "There's no confusion in the truth" to the world today,
that makes a statement all by itself.
Seems like folks are confused on what gender they are, what a real hero looks like,
who marriage is between, should they stay married or just act like their vows meant nothing,
what's worth saving: a baby or a lion, where they stand on important political issues,
or should they just flip-flop back & forth on based on public opinion.

And let's not even get started on politicians.
They tell bold-faced lies, & we have news reel after news reel to prove it, & are never held accountable!
Yea, we could all go on all day right here.

Reverse it:  the further you get from the truth, the more confusing things will be.

I heard the statement years ago, if it doesn't make sense, it's not true!
Pretty cut & dry, but I've seen that prove out over & over.
The further things get from the truth, the more confusing they become.
Kinda sounds like the world we're living in, huh?!

I can't imagine not having a personal relationship with Christ & trying to filter through all the garbage
that politicians & people in power are painting as the truth.
So many people are being deceived.

I encourage you today, pray to Jehovah El Emeth, Lord God of Truth!
If you are confused, about anything, pray for Him to open your eyes & for the truth to be revealed to you.
Distance yourself from dishonest people & dishonest doings.
Desire to know the truth ... seek after it.
And lastly, dig into the Word, our trusted source for all that's true.

  Teach me your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth; 
unite my heart to fear your name.
 Psalm 86:11

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