Monday, October 1, 2018

Hellllooooo, long lost friends =)

Boy, it's been a minute!
Hello to all of you & hope life has been treating you well.
We have been busy with a hundred activities since I last posted ... way too many to try & catch up on.
So, let's just jump right in to CURRENT!

I've started a youtube channel!
I would like to invite you on over to check it out!

My channel will be a lifestyle channel, featuring recipes, cook with me videos, grocery / home decor hauls, house tours, & a bit about our life down here at the brick house!
I'm just getting started with MUCH to learn about filming, my camera, editing, & all things in between ... but I just figured there's no time like the present & I'm just diving right on in!

If you'd be interested in seeing any of the things I mentioned above, come on over to my channel & SUBSCRIBE!
This will greatly help me as I'm growing my channel.
And if you'd like notifications as to when I post, click on the little red bell & it'll let you know so you don't miss out on any of the fun!

Here's my most recent grocery haul ... a big one from 3 stores:  Kroger, Aldi, & Costco!
The link is below for you to check it out!

Happy to be here again, guys!

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