Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Loaded Ultimate Sandwiches ~ Roast Beef

James mentioned wanting roast beef sandwich a few days ago,
so I decided to come up with this philly-style roast beef.
Boy, did this make for an extra-yummy lunch!

In a small pan, heat beef, a couple tbsp. of teriyaki sauce, sliced onion, & green
peppers until just heated through.
Load it into the buns & top with mozzarella cheese.
Wrap individual sandwiches in aluminum foil & let them sit for at least 5-7 minutes.
This will soften the buns & melt the cheese.

Add desired toppings, such as shredded lettece, mild peppers, jalapenos, mayo,
bbq sauce, & horseradish sauce.


  1. Sounds yummy!I bet my husband would like that too!

  2. I think I'm ganna have to add these to the menu more often myself =)
    Thanks for the comment, Jenna.