Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Sundays ~ Mom's Closet

A few weeks ago, we went to my parent's house, for our usual weekly visit .
Mom, who's had trouble with her knee & leg since the fall, hasn't been out &
about much in several months.
Recently, she'd had Dad take her to Stein Mart, one of her favorite clothing stores.
She'd found a couple pretty jackets & wanted my opinion on what she should pair
up with them.
So, we went up to her closet & for the next 30 minutes, we matched this with that, putting together some beautiful outfits, clear down to the shoes.
We had so much fun!

Truly, Mom didn't need my help.
As I stood together with her in the closet, I realized that it was because of her that
I know how to dress nicely.
Mom has always known how to look just right ... never over-done or pretentious,
but always nice ... & always appropriate for whatever the situation.
To this day, she still always look lovely.

As I stood there, I began remembering back to the many instructions Mom has shared
with me through the years ...
all profitable & has served me well.
I'm thankful for her Godly guidance & counsel that has shaped me
into the woman I am today.
I've been blessed.

                                                        Happy Mother's Day, Mom

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