Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goodies from Goodwill

article 4 in 'Stretching Your Dollars'

So I've admitted that I'm a 'junkie' ...
lover of junk stores, thrift shops, flea markets, garage sales.
It's something my husband loves too ... & we've successfully passed
this hobby on to our sons.
We all dream about finding treasures like they do on the American Pickers
& Antiques Roadshow.

So, it should be no surprise to anyone that I can be found at Goodwill pretty often.
And, not at one Goodwill, but at 5!
There are 5 nice stores within a few miles of our house, so sometimes I'll take a day

& hit each one.

I visit Goodwill quite often when we travel too.
Yes, I've been in Goodwill's from here to Florida!
In fact, I even took a picture of the store in Spring Hill, Florida ... 
because it was so cool & so Florida, but I couldn't find it to put on here.
{I know right, who takes a picture of Goodwill?!}

Now, I'll admit, we occasionally went to Goodwill when I was a kid ... & I HATED it!
There was 1 store in downtown Anderson.
It was pretty cruddy & smelly ... & the items back then, were mostly old cast-offs
that should've been put in the garbage can.
But, that was back then ... before it became all cool to shop at Goodwill.
The stores now are often brand new & full of gently used or new items.
{I occasionally see things that should be in the garbage, but not too often}

There are several reason I really enjoy shopping at Goodwill.
One, I like the thrill of the hunt.
You never know what you're going to find.

Two, I find killer awesome finds almost every time I go!

Three, why would I want to pay full price for anything, if I didn't have to?
This is a way I can stretch my dollar.

It's amazing what gets donated to Goodwill!
I'd be safe in saying, at least 50% of the items I buy there are BRAND new, tags attached!
I specifically look for these items.

Also, Target donates their clearance stock to Goodwill, of course, all brand new!
It's not uncommon to see the clothes I've been looking at at Target on the racks
at Goodwill, for a fraction of the price.
{all 'new' items from Target have a grey paper tag on them}

I've had way too many fantastic finds at Goodwill to list them all,
but here are a few that come to mind:

-REAL Coach change purse ~ .99

-2 brand new in the box, pre-lit 4 ft Christmas trees in decorative urns ~ $7.50 for both
{I had been wanting a set of these for my front porch & had been watching for a good deal!}

-lots of home decor {incl. a hand-painted seascape framed picture by a local artist from the 50s w/the certificate of authentication & addtl info in an envelope on the back ~ $19.99}

-a pair of Aeropostale jeans {Not such a big deal, right?!  Well, when Gunnar tried them on,
& slipped his hand in the pocket, he found a $10 bill!!}

-a REAL Dolce & Gabanna shirt
{paid $2 for it, came home & found it on the internet for $118!!}

-an Armani suit for James {paid maybe $12 for a $1000 suit ... you think I'm kidding?! 
Look up Armani suits on the internet ... CRAZY expensive!!}

-Armani denim skirt for my niece {paid $4 -- used ones selling on ebay for $55}

-more brand name clothes than you could shake a stick at
{Hollister, GAP, A & F, Aero, AE, RL, Banana Republic, etc.}

-& as I said, there's more, waaay more deals that I could list!

Here are a couple tips for maximizing your Goodwill shopping:

The stickers & the plastic barbs are by color.
Each week, one 'color' is 1/2 price.
Check the large sign just inside the door for the color that is 1/2 price for that week.
Look for items marked with that color & save 50%.

If there is a garage sale sticker still attached to any item, you get it for that price.

Leave tags attached for easy returns.

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