Thursday, June 2, 2011

Homemade Zesty Ranch Dressing

All the fellas in our house are 'saucy' guys.
When it comes to sandwiches, they are heavy on the the sauce!
They like it extra flavorful & dripping off the sides.
Ya, they get this from their Dad.

All 3 of the boys whip of their own concoctions for their 'ultimate' sandwiches, usually made with mayo & various dry spices like garlic, smoked paprika, chili powder, pepper,
& bacon salt.

I recently came up with a homemade version of Subway's chicken bacon ranch sub.
{That recipe is here}

I decided to spice up the ranch a bit {inspired by a spicy ranch served by Taco Bell}.

We love 'homemade' ranch dressing.
I use the dry packet of ranch seasoning, adding 1 cup of mayo & 1 cup of milk.
{By making this myself, I can reduce fat/calories by using lo-fat mayo & skim milk. 
The seasoning is so flavorful, no one even notices.}

Another bonus:  the Ball jar!
Anything served from a canning jar is automatically better ;)

To zest up this already delicious ranch, I sprinkled in cayenne pepper, black pepper,
smoked & regular paprika, & garlic powder.
No measurements ... I just eye-balled it.

This would be good on anything from sandwiches & salads ... to tacos & nachos.

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  1. Ooooh, this sounds good. The other day we were out of Ranch and the boys all wanted Salad... so I got online and found a simple enough recipe and whipped them up some ranch dressing. They loved that it was homemade. They sat and watched me make it and I think that's what enticed them to eat it. ;)