Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yesterday was a day of epic proportions...

Yesterday was a day of epic proportions ...
ok, not really.
Just me being overly dramatic.

I did have, however, a couple of extreme high & low moments.

The high moments:
I scored 7 coupon inserts in a 5-minute dumpster dive.

No, I'm NOT a dumpster diver, but I have been known to look in a few ...
the paper recycle bins, of course.
There's one on our bike-riding route, so we usually take a break there & peek inside to see if there are any coupons just lying around waiting to be rescued.

The 7 inserts from yesterday were from the library recycle bin.
I was pulling out of the lot & decided to look in, ya know, just to get Riley going.
Actually, he did not die from humiliation ... I provided him some comic relief.
And, he thought it was pretty cool that I found some.

With about 15 more minutes & a much longer arm, I'm sure I would've gotten more.

High moment #2:
I found 2 old dishes at a barn sale ~ paid $3 for both.
They're dishes most people wouldn't look twice at, but I'm crazy like that.

My mom would promptly put these 2 old things in the garbage can ;)

I love all crackles & the discoloration.
Makes me wonder on who's table these old dishes sat...

And for the final high moment {well, this one is just somewhere in the middle},
I had several good finds at Goodwill.
I was looking for a few specific 'fabrics' for a project I'm working on ...
came pretty close to what I was needing & for 50% off to boot.

Now, all these high moments combined still did not erase my sadness
from the low point of the day.
I go to Franklin specifically to visit my all-time favorite flea market, Trader Bakers,
only to find that it's CLOSED ... permanently!!!!
Oh my goodness ... are you kidding me?!

Trader Bakers was an old Walmart converted into a flea market with many neat booths,
full of treasures.
Some of my most favorite pieces in our home I found there.
To say I was a bit disappointed would be an understatement.
{I found out from a fella at the barn sale that Walmart would not renew the lease,
so they had to shut down.}

Bad Walmart =(

Ah well ... all good things must come to an end, I suppose ...
but I'll sure miss stopping in there to treasure hunt.

Just for that, I think I need some 'brownies, warm from the oven & a glass of cold milk' therapy.

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  1. Awww... I'm sorry :( I hate that. It's never a good feeling when something we truly loves goes away. I hope you find another awesome place for great deals soon! And I TOTALLY love the plates!