Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 13 & 14 ~ 30 Days of Thanks

Day 13
Sunday, November 13

I love our church, Family Life Assembly, & our sweet little congregation.
Watching them grow in the Lord, well, it's so rewarding!
I can see the Word coming alive in individuals & families.
It's refreshing & gives me such hope for the future!

I love our church logo

Every Sunday, we have a fellowship meal after the church service.
Each family pitches in, bringing delicious dishes to share.
It's hospitality at it's best.
There's more crock pots than you could shake a stick at!

This is a fruit pizza made by Natalie ... & it tasted as good as it looked!

During & after the meal, everyone enjoys a time of fellowship.
The men are usually engaged in a spiritual discussion of some sort ...
& the ladies like to visit, catching up on the week past & sharing plans
for the week to come.
We often find ourselves talking about the things that are near to all of our hearts: 
our homes, husbands & our children ...
how we can better fill our roles as wives & mommas.
We share tips & recipes ... talk about sales & coupons ...
& there's often a mix of laughter & tears.
One thing for certain, I always leave encouraged or inspired after talking
with the sweet ladies of our church.

Family Life Assembly didn't come to be without much prayer & fasting ...
& it's had more than it's share of adversity in these few short months ...
but God is faithful to His word & His call.
I can clearly see His hand at work & I take comfort in knowing that FLA is part
of His master plan.

Day 14
Monday, November 14

Monday is cleaning/chore day at our house.
I only sit down for lunch & supper ... & then fall into bed.
The day is go-go-go from start to finish ... & I usually still have a load or two
of laundry waiting on me Tuesday morning.

It's as I'm cleaning that I easily reflect on how blessed I am.
I've got a bed to make, furniture to dust, carpet to sweep & laundry to fold.

In our Language Arts, we are reading & studying the book The Bronze Bow
by Elizabeth George Speare.
Although the story & main characters are fictional, the storyline follows the
Biblical account of Jesus as he is teaching in Capernaum.

We read today about the home of the main character, Daniel bar Jamin.
It was quite common for the rats to sit in the corners of the house & even a snake once slithered in through the thatched roof.
One of the discussion questions was 'How would you feel about living in a home where
rats & snakes were common?'
This led to a conversation about the homeless & people less fortunate than we are.
Gunnar shared about going to work recently with his dad & seeing an overpass lined underneath with tents, up & down both sides ... a homeless camp, of sorts.

We took time to acknowledge God right then ...  thanking Him for His provision in our lives.
We are abundantly blessed.

Cleaning the house seems a bit less burdensome when you think of the homeless folks
who would just like to have a roof over their heads.

"Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need."
Sarah Bon Breathnach

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