Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 19 ~ 30 Days of Thanks

Thankful for an evening out with a treasured friend.

Gina & I have known each other our whole lives.
There's only 6 months between us.

Gina's dad pastored the church that my family attended, so we spent countless
Wednesdays & Sundays together.
We were always in the same Sunday School class, went to the same youth camps,
& the same slumber parties.
We played babies & barbies together {she says I cut her barbie's hair},
talked about boys {complete with code names like MAS WAG},
& who we'd marry someday {we surely thought it would be E.D & S.S},
& took crazy pics of each other {Fiero & silly string}.
Oh the memories & funny stories I share with this girl.

We grew up to be mommies ourselves & visited each other when we had our babies ...
and now we are watching them grow up as very close friends.
They say they feel like brothers & sisters.

Not only that, our husbands are great friends!
They work together every day & still like each other ;)

Gina & I needed 'talk' time, so we met for dinner on Thursday.
She was just what the DR ordered.
What a blessing to be able to pour out your heart to a friend who will cry with you,
laugh with you, keep all your secrets & give good advice.
I am so thankful for her.

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