Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My new rave:  BISCOTTI

No, it's NOT homemade.
Got it right off the grocery store shelf.

If you've never had it, your first thought may be:
'boy, these are hard cookies'!
You'll be right!
Biscotti translates to 'twice baked'.
One old Italian bragged that biscotti could be stored & eaten for centuries ...
& because of this, it was useful during long travels & times of war.

The first documented recipe for the biscuit is a centuries-old manuscript, 
now preserved in Prato, found by the eighteenth-century scholar Amadio Baldanzi.
How incredibly cool is that?!
In Italy & throughout Europe, biscotti is meant to be 'dunked' 
& is traditionally served after dessert, with wine or orange juice.

I like mine dunked into my hot morning coffee.
What a treat!

Thank you to the Italians for another delectable delight!


  1. Is it sweet? Wonder if it would be good dunked in hot tea?

  2. Yes, sweet, but not overly sweet. There's lots of different flavors, but I esp. love the lemon! It would be just as yum dunked in hot tea!

  3. Dunked in coffee...sounds wonderful!