Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flea Market Finds

There's a brand new flea market in town.
It's only 3 minutes from me.
Do you see the potential for a problem?
Yep, me too.

I felt compelled to check it out ...
& help their new business venture, just a bit.
I only bought the things that I could.not.resist.

Here's a look at my new treasures!

My favorite find:  these old skates!
Could anyone resist these?
These look like they'd fit a 7 or 8 year old ... 
& I can just imagine who may have skated around a frozen pond in these delightful boots.

I've been wanting to get my hands on some old skates for a while now 
& at $5 a pair, these were quite a find!

I love the rusty old latches.

Oh the fun with these when I decorate at Christmas time.
For now, I think I'll hang a pair on the old sled that's sitting on the front porch. 

These is my 2nd favorite find: an antique wooden candle holder.
I've seen these in magazines & I'm so excited to now have one of my own.
Another great deal at $10.

Old, chippy, discolored ... all the buzz words that equal 'appealing' in my eyes.
Found this unique ironstone dish for $5.
Never seen one quite like this & I love it so much.
It will be perfect with my other pieces.

I had to bring this cute lil' roller home with me!
It has just the right amount of character.

This will be used as decor above my kitchen cabinets.
Another $5 well spent.

To use along side the roller, I bought this old grater {$2} & pan {$1}.
Gunnar wanted to be assured that both were for 'looks' only ;)

Loved this oval frame & drawer shelf.
$4 for the frame ~ $3.50 for the shelf. 

Doesn't it have such pretty detailing?
I even like the polka-dot paper.

Isn't this shelf super cute?
I'm thinking this will go in the master bathroom.

I have quite a fascination with doors, gates & windows ...
so this lil' guy was hard to pass up {$2.50}.

I even found some 'non-decor' items.
A whole booth of Goodie products netted me the headbands.
As for the mini-chopping board, I have one of these already & I love it.
For .75, I decided I could you another one.
And, I always like to have basket wrappers for gift-giving, 
as I tend to go this route often.
Fill a basket full of coordinating items, wrap it in a clear bag, tie on a gorgeous bow
& you have a beautiful gift!

Oopsie, how could I forget about these beauts.
Found these vintage clip earrings for $1.
These will be the perfect bling on a Shabby Bowtique  flower!

Not to bad for a day of 'junking' ... not bad at all.


  1. Oh I see we love a lot of the same things. I collect rolling pins and graters too. But those skate are wonderful. Great day for sure!

  2. What wonderful finds! LOVE the skates! Been looking for a white pair myself for quite some time.