Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Hunt

Seems we're all on the 'hunt' around here lately.

I've taken down all the Christmas decorations & packed 'em up for another year.
I have not, however, filled up the empty shelves & spaces.
They sit bare, a silent reminder that I need to get busy.

I've gotten out all my decor 'possibilities', a whole pile of things taking up floor 
space in the living room.
I'll be using my existing favorites ... just hoping to switch 'em up a bit for a new look.
My style is pretty consistent throughout the house, so most of my things are
interchangeable from room to room.
Basically, I've been shopping my house.
It's fun ... & it's frugal ... but it's also frustrating.
I go back & forth.
Would this look good above the cabinet or on the end table?
Should I put this in the china cabinet or on top of the armoire?

So, in my usual fashion, I start looking for inspiration ...
in magazines, at blogs, & dare I mention my new source for inspiration, Pinterest?
Oh my.
What Pinterest should be called is 'Two Hours Later', cause that's precisely what happens.
Once you get on, you can hardly pull yourself away.
If I tried to make, cook, wear or visit all the things I've liked or pinned, well, let's just say
I'd be busy til eternity & still wouldn't accomplish it all!

So, my hunt is for decor ideas & inspiration.
Really, I've seen enough in the last few weeks to decorate 10 houses.
What I need to be doing is ... doing it!
I need to get busy!

I'm also hunting a few new old pieces to add in.
One antique store down & about 3 more to go.
Hopefully by the end of the week, my mission will be accomplished.

Our sons are on the hunt too ... for vehicles.
Yes, I said vehicleS ... plural.
Our twin sons are each ready to buy their 1st truck.
They've been saving & saving in order to pay cash for a vehicle.
 They just turned 17 last month, & probably by the end of the week, 
our driveway will host another couple trucks.
They've been to several used car dealerships & have spent plenty of time online 
checking things out.
It's exciting for them, nerve-wracking for me.
I'm very proud of them though, choosing not to go into debt for something to drive.
The James Pennington, Jim Sammons, & Dave Ramsey is paying off.

James, well, he's hunting for something too, but I can't announce for what just yet.
You'll have to stay tuned for that one.


  1. I could take a guess at what James is hunting for... LOL! I may be right or I may be wrong, but I hope he finds what he's looking for! If it's what I think it is! LOL! I bought two pairs of baby socks a little while back, praying for a set of twins! :) I am now making a baby blanket, first of two! :) Really hoping and praying for MY twins this year! Love ya, Ang!

  2. HA! Well, I'm not sure whether to confirm or deny! LOL. As for your baby socks & blankets, I'm praying that God gives you the desireS of your heart!! That would be so exciting! Love you right back, Jenny Jones =)