Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Deep-fried Veggies

Can anyone say FAIR FOOD?

One of our favorite summer activities is visiting the Indiana State Fair in August.
We love going through the animal barns, even though it's hot, smelly, & a haven for flies.
The festive atmosphere & the unexpected events throughout the day always add up 
to a day full of family fun.

I must admit, though, we mainly go for the food!
Yep, that good ol' greasy fair food.
Course, by the time you leave, you don't care if you evvver eat another meal 
cause your stuffed, hot, & miserable.

Every now & then, James gets a hankering for one of his fair faves ...deep fried veggies.
So, we experimented & came up with our own recipe.

Wash & chop your desired vegetables.
We used the ones that come in an order at the fair:  
mushrooms, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, & zucchini.

For the batter, combine pancake mix, water, parsley flakes, lemon pepper, salt & pepper.
You'll need to base the amount of batter on the amount of veggies you've prepped.
Start with 2 cups of pancake mix, following the box recommendation for water.
You want the batter to be a bit thick so it will adhere to the veggies.

After the batter is prepared, drop 5-6 veggies in at a time, coating thoroughly.
Drop in a deep-fryer with oil that is hot & ready.
Remove when the veggies are golden brown, then sprinkle with salt while veggies are hot.
Serve with ranch dressing.

Here's what Jeff Foxworthy says about the state fair:

"If you ever start feeling like you have the goofiest, craziest, most dysfunctional family in the world, all you have to do is go to a state fair. Because five minutes at the fair, you'll be going, 'you know, we're alright. We are dang near royalty."

Ha ... that's about the truth! 
There's never a dull moment ... & there's plenty of good food!

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