Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today, I'm dreaming~

If you know me at all, you know how much I love & adore South Carolina.
More specifically, I love Isle of Palms {IOP} & Charleston.

Throughout my whole life, I was always content with Indiana...
never had any desire  to live anywhere other than the good ol' Hoosier state.

Then there was South Carolina.
Need I say more.

Several years ago, we were wanting to vacation someplace new ...
someplace we'd never visited before.
After hearing a friend gush & gush about Charleston, 
it sounded like it would perfectly fit the bill.
We like visiting places that are rich in history {we are homeschoolers, you know} ...
& let me tell ya, Charleston is off the charts in the category!!
They get an A++!

We also don't mind the beach ... or the ocean ...duh?! 

And if it's a pretty place, easy on the eyes, bonus!
Again, A++!
In case you haven't been there or haven't heard,  
the beauty of Charleston, SC, is said to rival classic European cities.
Whoever said this knew what they were talking about.
Think old money, historic homes, high class ... mixed with southern beauty & charm.
It's all that & more.

Now, can anyone guess what {or where} I'm dreaming about today?
Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!!
Right answer ... SOUTH CAROLINA.
South Carolina dreamin' ... & truth be told, I dream of it nearly everyday!

Today, I woke up with this beautiful home on the beach on my mind.

This is on our beloved IOP, at the far end of the beach.
We walked right past this beauty ... cause right behind it, you are on the water!
Wouldn't it be tough waking up & having to choose which deck to view the ocean 
from each morning?
What a terrible problem to have.

Here's a very unflattering photo {of hubs looks fab, as usual} 
with crazzzy, wind-blown hair, taken right behind the gorgeous aqua house.
See, told ya, right.on.the.water.

 And just right down the way, there's this.

This is just steps away from our week's 'home away from home.'
When we weren't on the beach, we were standing on the balcony looking at
all this beauty.

Now, are you convinced how easily it is to slip into daydream land?
See why I spend entirely too much time scheming how I can sneak off to SC?
If there weren't 13 hours separating us, I'm afraid you'd find me taking up
permanent residence.

 One man's daydreaming is another man's day.  ~Grey Livingston


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