Monday, August 29, 2011

Flea Market Junkie

I LOVE all things vintage.
Old things have such charm & character.
Each layer of paint tells a story.
Every chip & scratch is a detail.
How easily I can flashback to an era gone by.

What history is on display & I love to imagine the old items in use.
Who's table did this dish sit on ... or who sat at this table?

I've found some neat old things though down through the years.
In fact, I'd say some of my most favorite pieces came from a flea market.
If we are visiting a new town, or even just passing through, I'll find the flea market.
It's almost like a magnetic pull that I just can't resist.
And what's great about it, my whole family loves to go just as much as I do!
Our twins sons say they'd love to be 'pickers' like Mike & Frank {we love their show!}.

Here's my latest find.
I'm pretty much in love with this old trunk!
You can't get this kind of character from anything bought off the shelf!
Oh yea, this was a good find.
I only wish I knew it's history ... where it came from ... what was stored in it.

Although I could use this in any room of our house, but it seemed to fit best
in our dining room ... for now anyway.
Not sure if I'll keep this flower arrangement on it, but until I find just the right thing,
it'll work.

I have alot of work to do this week ... fall cleaning, fall decorating, & painting
3 rooms in the house {2 bedrooms & the office}.
My lil' treat for the end of the week when all my work is finished, I'm going flea marketing!
My hubs & sons found a new one when they were on a recent trip & they said that
I'm ganna love it!
I can't wait to go!

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  1. Love your find! Adore flea marketing myself. You just never know what treasures you'll find!