Monday, August 1, 2011

Stocking Up

article 8 in 'Stretching Your Dollars' series

The buzz word these days seems to be stockpile!
I really don't like using stockpile too much though.
Conjures up an image of a person frantically gathering piles & piles of stuff
due to some impending doom.
The term stocking up tends to more accurately represent my way of shopping.
When the deals are great ... AND I have coupons, that's the time I buy several of
those particular items.
OR, in the case of realllly great deals + coupons, often times, I am getting items
for FREE!
Yep, that's when my pantry shelves overflow.

That was actually my strategy a few months back ... & I am pleased to say,
it worked masterfully!
While I enjoy couponing to save money {not because I'm addicted/bored/like scissors},
I do get tired of it!
While I don't mind going to the grocery, I get tired of that too!
During the summer, our regular routine goes out the window ...
so, I thought this would be a good time to stock up during May & June,
then take a couple months off!
With July being our most busy month, not having to take the time to make
out a big grocery list & match the coupons to the sales saved me lots of time
{& brain power! ... yes, couponing requires both thinking & planning!}

So, as shocking as this may seem to those of you that know I'm a couponer,
I have not used a single coupon for about 7 weeks!
I was able to pull that off by stocking up on plenty of meat, staples, snacks,
paper & hygiene products.
That way, I'd only have to make quick trips to the grocery for fresh fruit & veggies,
bread, & milk.

Here are some of the items I stocked up on:

pork chops $1.47/lb.
ground chuck $1.88/lb.
b/s chicken tenders $1.77/lb.
spaghetti sauce $1 per jar
pasta 24 boxes FREE
canned veggies .39 can
Campbell's chicken noodle soup .25 can

Carnation evaporated milk .29 can
these were scratch 'n dent cans from the markdown cart
6 bags tortilla chips .49 bag

Fiber One bars $1.50 box
goldfish crackers 8-10 bags FREE
6 boxes Triscuits FREE
mayonnaise (32 oz) $1.29
ranch dressing ~ 6-8 bottles FREE
toilet paper 5/12 double roll pks. $2.50
warehouse box of foam plates (640 plates for $9.99)

Now, this is where it gets pretty impressive, if I say so myself ;)
I was stocked pretty well in the hygiene products already when Marsh decided to
have a triple coupon event.
'Bless them' is all I've got to say!
I totally scooped up in the health & beauty department, getting LOTS of items
totally for FREE!
Here's a sneak peek pic of the products, but be sure & stop back tomorrow!
I'll be posting a video telling you all about these deals!



  1. Wow! You did well! We're not a coupon family either... oops. Looks like you did well stocking up... and cheaply!

    Wishing you a great day, Angela!

    P.S.- Know anyone who would like a FREE blog design makeover? I'm hosting a giveaway now!

  2. Hey Angela,
    We're a family of six (which include 4 kids) & I'm looking for ways to get the most for our money. I read your article on stocking up & it was impressive! I've never done an official "stocking up", but I would like to start doing it. I am curious to know how did you get all of your hygiene products as well as other products such as the goldfish 8-10 bags for free? Was it a one time trip or was it over a period of time? Did you have coupons collected over time? I would like to get a practical understanding of how to do this for my family. Also, do you have any advice on back to school shopping for clothes & supplies?

  3. hello, h.rae =)
    How nice of you to stop by!

    Vanessa, My shopping strategy {& the way to save the MOST money} is to buy when the products are on sale & with the matching coupons. I use the sale ads & follow a couple savings blogs. Between the 2, I know what's on sale & what coupons are out there to use.

    I get my coupons from the Sunday paper {my mom & a few other ladies save their inserts for me}. I occasionally print coupons that are offered on various websites. I usually have a big stash of manufacture coupons at all times.

    For the goldfish crackers, Kroger had them for $1 a bag. I had several coupons for .50 off {which my store doubles} that I had printed off the internet. Then, as a bonus, several of the bags had peelie coupons right on the bags, also for .50! This is how I got them for free!

    On the hygiene products, I buy toothpaste when it's on sale for $1, which is quite often. I always have coupons for .50 off, which double at Meijer & Kroger, thus resulting in free toothpaste!

    The hair gel, Meijer ran it for $1.04. I had .50 off, doubled to $1 = FREE.

    This how I got the bulk of my items ... sales + coupons.

    This stocking up featured on this particular blog was over the course of several weeks.

    For school shopping, I recommend Goodwill! We have several NICE ones in our area ... you can get nice, gently-worn clothes for a fraction of the price. I would do this all yr long, even buying items that may be a bit too big but can be put back until they grow into that sz. Also Target will clearance clothes often, sometimes 90% off. When you run across a sale like that, buy ahead.

    Be sure & read through my other articles for more savings tips =)

    If you don't follow any savings/couponing blogs, here are a couple to check out:

    Saving Cents with Sense
    Bargains to Bounty
    Southern Savers
    In Good Cents

  4. Impressive and something that I've been thinking about with this economic climate.
    We've found that buying big sacks of potatoes is a major saving. Coupon deals in the UK aren't so good usually it isn't possible to combine coupons and a sale and generally, they are for the more expensive items meaning that even with the coupon something else is cheaper. Still there are plenty of good deals around!


  5. Thank you Angela for your advice. It was much appreciated! I do go shopping at thrift stores, consignment shops,Goodwill, etc. for my kids clothes & it's been saving me a lot w/ the four of them. I will continue to that:) I will be sure to check out your articles & the websites that you suggested.
    Thank you!