Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stocking Up {part 2} VLOG

article 9 in Stretching Your Dollar series

WOW!  I am super stocked in the health & beauty department!
This is my largest stash ever!
This was the result from one of our local grocery stores running a triple coupon event!
You never hear of that around here anymore.
{Thank you, Marsh!}
While I did well on the grocery side too, I hit the jackpot in the HBA isle!
Check out this video to see my stash.

If you are wondering where I fit this abundance of shampoo & body wash,
here's where it's at.
It's on a couple shelves in our master bathroom closet.
The storage basket is the key to holding lots of products.
The extra {which I normally don't have}, is on the shelf above.
And from the looks of it, this bathroom closet needs a makeover!
Boy, I was brave to show you this picture ... don't judge me too harshly ;)

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