Thursday, July 12, 2012

And tomorrow we celebrate 21 years!

I wish we had a better pic than this, but alas ...
Pictures weren't such a high priority in 1991, like they are now in the age of social media.

I also wish my hair wasn't sooo tall ... but again, product of the 80s-90s big hair era!

My third wish is that my face wasn't soo white
 The over-exposure makes me look like a ghost.

All that said, I adore this picture.
For one reason, this is the only picture I have taken at our wedding rehearsal.
The only one.

I love it because I remember how happy I was ... so intensely excited that the next day,
I would walk down the aisle to marry my best friend.
We had been sweethearts since we were 15 ... & waiting any longer than 3 years 
seemed impossible.
{I'm definitely not an advocate to getting married so young, 
but we managed to make it, with God's help ...we kind of finished growing up together.}

And the main reason I am so crazy about this pic is that James is hotter than hot!
{In the words of our little cousins, he's hot like Mexico!}
Ha ... can't even believe I'm being so blunt on this blog, but that's sure how I felt then ...
& exactly how I feel now.

After 21 years of marriage, he still does it for me.
He's the image of everything I wanted ... & God certainly knew he is what I needed.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate our 21st anniversary.
I thank the Lord everyday for leading us to each other & His continued guidance
through the years of our marriage.
He's given us each other ... & 3 wonderful sons that sweetened the deal.

Whatever the years ahead may bring, we'll face it together.


  1. Happy Anniversary! We were married in june of 1990 it was hot and my aqua net hair spray was not working.. I remember feeling lousy about my flat Looking back at the photos I am happy that I didn't have that 4 or 5 inch top. lol.
    James is a hottie!

    Just today, I glanced over at Paul who is now 50.. he'd just come home from work, tired and dirty.. his hair was sticking up a bit ~ and at that moment I was like, wow.. he is handsome. : )

    Have a wonderful anniversary!!!!!

  2. Ha...wish someone had hit the Rave from me! I wouldn't be cringing about this ginormous poof on top of my head! LOL
    James & I whine every now & again about getting old, etc ... I was telling him that I heard it said that men/women don't even get interesting til they're 40!
    I think that holds some truth.
    So while we may not have our age/youth going for us, we have so much life experience & character that we've gained along the way.
    Makes them handsome in a whole new way =)

  3. This is so sweet. We also married young and I agree you grow up together. I also think it makes you less selfish if you stick it out. You know nothing but having to consider someone else all of your adult years so maybe we are better for it. I do however not want to see my 21 year old married anytime soon. She seems to need more freedom than I ever did.