Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Couponing: I'm Baaack!

After an extended break from couponing, I'm in the mood again!

To tell you the truth, we are just too busy from about April to late September for me
to spend much time with coupons.
Not saying I don't use any coupons during those months, but for the most part,
I shop at Aldi & buy Kroger brand then.
The ones I do use are my personalized Kroger coupons that they send me in the mail.
Love those things!

I also use my stockpile to keep cost down, buying just what we need for the week.

However, I'm ready to dive back in, & thanks to my dwindling toiletries stockpile,
I'm starting a little early.

Yesterday, I looked over coupon blogs & decided to go to CVS for a few deals.
I didn't walk out with a cart load for free like they do on those unrealistic coupon shows,
but I did pretty good, IMHO.

Couponing: I'm baaack =)

Here's the breakdown on what I spent:

2  -  12 pks of Dr. Pepper
2  -  12 pks of diet Mt. Dew
2  -  24 pks Nestle Pure Life water
4  candy bars
3 pk. Ivory soap bars
1 Crest toothpaste
1 Advil 

Total OOP {out of pocket}:  $13. 04

The sodas were the biggest expense at $9.84.
Next was the toothpaste & Advil ... paid $2.65 for those 2 items.
The waters were .24 a pack!!
Yep, 24 cents for 24 water bottles!
The 4 candy bars set me back a whopping 7 cents for all!
And the soap was absolutely free.

Retail price for these goodies: $31.75 {I saved 60%}

Not too bad!

All you need are a few good deals like this to get you back in game!


  1. What a great savings. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me (and for following too). I am following your lovely blog now.


  2. Hello Danielle ...Thanks for following!! =)
    Blessing to you too.