Monday, July 9, 2012

Sabotaged by Pizza ... Almost

My mind is addled.
My thoughts are fuzzy.
My stomach is growling.
Not a good day to finish writing the blog about the sweet little stranded lady who I rescued from Aldi.
And this, my friends, is precisely what did it.

You see, this is my 2nd day of the 3rd week of lo-carbs NO carbs!
Ok, so I've had the occasional carb, but they have been few & far between.
Much, much less than my usual intake.

The meanie, I mean my personal trainer, husband is quite fond of the whole lo-carb diet
& {quite forcibly} suggested that I join him, for at least 2 weeks, he said.
After all, part of our slow to no progress is that we are always going different directions, diet wise.
He thought it would be smart for us to join forces & move together toward our new skinny selves.
It does make sense, & he's suggested this many times over, but I've always been the one stalling.
I'm a weight watchers girl.
You know the kind.
Use your little slider chart or points calculator & eat whatever you want as long
as you are within your allotted points.
I know how to do that just fine.
But to know about carbs & proteins & sugar ... & what they do in your body & when they do it ...
no, I'm no dietitian & sad to say, I don't have the 411 on any of those things.

It's much easier to use the points calculator.

But therein lies the problem.
At this point, I don't think I need easy.
I don't need to mindlessly go through the motions.
It's bigger than food choices.
I need accountability to my health!
I need to know how things work, what's good for me & what's not.

And I am learning.
And knowledge is power.
I am feeling quite empowered!

But to be brutally honest, I'm feeling ravenously hungry at this very moment.
The image of pizza is the express reason I cannot think clearly to finish writing the other blog post!
I would have to find that picture in a folder, wouldn't I?!
{I snapped it right after I pulled it out of the oven a while back cause I intend to blog
the recipe for homemade pizza & sauce.}
I just wish I hadn't stumbled across it today.

Right now though, the sound of Riley jogging on the treadmill snaps me back.
Better choices, one at a time, will get us to our goal.

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