Monday, July 2, 2012

I don't decorate for the 4th of July

I would love to go on an all-out decorating frenzy to celebrate 
our country's Independence Day.
I would love to do it all up ... inside, outside & everywhere in between.
Sadly though, that just doesn't, or hasn't ever happened! 

Well, wait ... there was something ... once.
I bought a beautiful bunting from Meijer a couple years ago,
clearanced down to $4.99.
primitive bunting

It was the antiqued coloring, more like a burgundy, cream, & navy.
We were able to use it for several years, hanging it up on Memorial weekend
& again for the 4th of July, til it faded out so bad that it had to be retired.
I've got my eye on replacing this, just as soon as it's marked down.

Back to my excuses for my non-decorating ...
I guess the main reason is because red, white, & blue has never, ever matched
with any of my decor ... & I'm not even a matchy-matchy type decorator.
I've just always felt like it would be 'stick out like a sore thumb' unmatched.

The next reason is that I have limited 'decor' storage.
I have a whole huge shelf in the garage that holds my 6-8 large storage totes
of Christmas decor, along with 2 artificial trees & other large loose items.

Then there's my 3 storage totes of fall decor.
It's my very favorite season to decorate for.
I deck out the house for the fall months as much as {or maybe a little more}
than for the Christmas season.

So I go back & forth between these 2 main reasons...doesn't match & no space.

I am sad about it though.
We are a very patriotic family, but our house surely doesn't show it.
And I see such adorable decor on blogs & on pinterest ...
so, I guess what I'm saying is this:  I have been inspired!
I think I'm going outside of the box.
I'm going to decorate next year ... I am!
It may not coordinate with a single thing.
It may stick out like a sore thumb.
But, this house is ganna put on some patriotic duds, one way or another.

Here is some of the decor that has inspired me:

This wreath would definitely work on my front door!
My walls are a similar color as in this room.
I'm crazy about this bunting hung on the fireplace.
beautiful room

This sign would work perfectly.
I like the tan letters with the pop of dark red.
I love the blue & brown of this star pillow.
I think the key for me will be accenting on browns, creams, & navy, 
instead of white & bright red.

primitive pillow 

Isn't this burlap banner over the fireplace so neat?

burlap banner

The fabrics on this bunting are cute, especially the toile at the top.
Totally crazy about toile.
If I could sew, I could put together just the colors I needed.
Note to self:  learn to sew.


This 'July' banner is cute.
I think you could leave this up for the whole month.
Again, if I made something like this myself, I could use whatever patterns & colors I wanted.

July banner

I love the variety of colors & patterns used here.
This one helps me think outside the box.


In just a few days, the left-over decor will be marked down uber cheap.
I'm hoping to snag a few deals, so that next year, I'll have some 4th of July decor 
of my own to share.
Until then, I'll just admire all of yours.


  1. Fun 4th of July inspirational decorations! I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th!

  2. Hi Angela,

    Nice to meet you. Thank you so much for your comments on my blog, I love all the 4th of July decorations on you blog; so beautiful.
    I've also added you to my blog.

  3. Hi Angela, nice to meet you thank you so much for your comment on my blog.

  4. Thank you, ladies =) Thank you for stopping by!

  5. Okay I love it all. That room with the fireplace so speaks to me. Love the old fashioned simple bunting too. We have our den in red white and blue so I get to play a lot in there.

  6. Lucky you! I know I'd probably go overboard if I had a room in those colors. Isn't the fireplace rooms just divine?

  7. How I love your patriotic displays! Your fireplace is the perfect place for the beautiful bunting! I love this time of year...We have so much to be thankful for...I pray that God will continuue to bless this beautiful land!

  8. I only wish those were my displays, but alas, only inspiration rooms. I agree with you in prayer for our country. Thank you for stopping by =)