Monday, February 25, 2013

Facebook Tips

I enjoy Facebook.
I really do.
Here's me on my own little FB page.

I like to see posts & pics from my family all across the United States.
I enjoy reading spiritual & encouraging quotes ... & testimonies of the goodness of God
in the lives of my friends & family.

I do, however, tire of some of the nonsense ... the drama ...
Know what I mean?

There's the 'blah blah posts' about how many brand-name purses 
& jeans/jean skirts one has accumulated.
And the 'poor me posts' about never having enough money, 
or never getting to go anywhere ...
how they are under-appreciated ...
 or how their husband isn't doing this or that like he should.

Then there's the 'check-in' folks ;)
You are at Texas Roadhouse ... again?!
For serious, you're at the tanning bed?!
Ha one seems to ever 'check in' at Walmart.
Most just want us to know when they are at someplace hooty-tooty ...
And yes, most of us have caught on by now ;)

Tehe yes, I am poking fun at some FB posts, 
but my theory is that anyone can/should post on their page as they'd like to.
That's the beauty of it ... it's a personal page.
There's too many self-appointed FB police that try to regulate what others post.
I say, if you want to post 100 pics of food, or of yourself ... 
or daily quotes that your little kiddos say, then you go right ahead!

There is such a thing as general social media ettiquette, though,
& some are just not as conscious of it as they should be.
Some lack in social graces, political correctness, tact, & manners.
Since I can't regulate what other's post, I must be a responsible FB user, 
& choose what's best for me to see on a regular basis.
{Some of the above mentioned 'giggles' are not so bad when posted in moderation.}

With all that being said, here are a few ways that have helped me deal
with some of the issues with being user of social media/FB.

1)  Use the DELETE button.

If you have too many complainers, cussers, & problem-causers, delete them.
Pretty simple.
I'm under no obligation to add or keep anyone who isn't 'healthy' or uplifting.
My criteria:  are they more of a negative influence than a positive one?

2)  If it's your brother/sister/cousin & you don't want to delete them, 
but also don't want to see their nonsense, use the HIDE button.
Hide them from your newsfeed.
This way, they can see your positive posts (hint, hint) but you do not have to see 
any of their negative ones.

I have a few situations like this.
So, every now & then, I visit their page for a 'hello & how are you.'
I really do love 'em.
I just don't wanna see their immodest pics, read their vulgar post ... 
& basically watch their lives unravel on FB.
Makes me sad.

3)  Regulate your time spent on FB!

Here's my #1 tip ... & the main reason I wrote this whole blog post to start with.
If you think you are spending too much time on FB, turn off the ticker on the side!

I turned mine off as soon as fb added it.  
I'm not compelled to know what everyone else is commenting on, liking, & looking at.  
Truthfully, I'm just not that intrigued with everyone elses lives, especially when
it's people that aren't on my friend's list or ... people I don't even know!
It borderlines on being a 'Nosy Rosy' ... & almost seem a bit stalkerish to me.  

In fact, I'd say it's probably not in anyone's best interest to be that concerned 
with what everyone else is doing/looking at/posting on.  
Might be a symptom of a bigger problem.  

If you are held captive to the info 'ticker' that's constantly updating 
who is doing what on FB, turn it off!
Try disconnecting from some of the FB activity & connecting more with your own family.  
Stop trying to keep up with what so-and-so is doing & where they are going.
Instead, try just keeping up with your own page, your own friends/family 
& I have a feeling, not only will you cut down on the time spent on FB, 
your mind will not be so cluttered with all the other riff-raff.

And wouldn't you know it, even the Bible has something to say  
right along these same lines.

Besides that, they learn to be idlers, going about from house to house, 
and not only idlers, but also gossips and busybodies, 
saying what they should not.  
1 Timothy 5:13

And to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs...
1 Thessalonians 4:11

But let none of you suffer as a murderer or a thief 
or an evildoer or as a meddler. 
1 Peter 4:15

Say whaaat?
The Bible somewhat equates a murderer ... & a meddler?!
The tongue can kill ...  it can destroy.
Hmm...makes me want to steer clear from meddling. 

#4   I keep my instant messenger option turned off.
If someone wants to contact me, they can private message me, 
send me an email, text or call me.
This enables me to respond when it's convenient for me ...
& not to be roped into a long IM convo when I don't have the time to spare.

#5   I choose to NOT be on FB when my husband & children are home.

I like my evenings to be filled with face to face conversations with my hubs/sons 
who've been gone to work all day.
I do most all my computer work {blogging, email, FB, etc} during my own free time
during the day.
That way, when they are home, I am giving them my full, undivided attention.
The same applies to them.
They do not stay on their iphones when they are at home.
Thankfully, they've never been 'one of those people' who constantly are on their phones.
That drives me ca-razy.
It's rude & annoying.

**If you are a working mom & are outside the home during the day, 
you may have to check emails, FB, blogs, etc during the evening, as your only option.
That's completely understandable, as long as it's not taking away from your family who needs you.
As with anything, prioritize & use your time wisely.

Sooo, to wrap things up ...
It really boils down to using common sense & moderation.

Treat others like you want to be treated.
Be kind ... kindness goes a looong way.
Be positive & uplifting ... don't suck the life out of people by a complaining & hateful spirit.
Shut your computer off ... & get off your phone every now & again.
Stop trying to keep up with 'the Jones' via FB.

There's good & bad with almost anything.
Learn what works for you, use discipline & stick with it.




  1. I LOVED THIS, and am sharing it. I needed to read this so badly!!

    Ashley from This Southern Girl's Heart

  2. Yay! I'm glad it helped, Ashley. I've gotten some 'push back' from this today, but I stand by my post. Thank you for commenting.