Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm Making Some Progress!

There's one little bright spot in the current chaos of what is my living room.
It's this little deal pickle.

James & Riley bought me this oregano plant as part of my Valentine's Day gifts.
I just love it.
I took it out of it's pink cellophane paper & wrapped it in, of course, burlap!
I slipped the green bow that came with it right back on & viola, love at first sight.
My lil' birdie just sweetens the deal.

Now, for the chaos ...

I'm in the process of, well, redecorating!
It looks like I'm packing up & moving out, but alas, I'm here a while longer.
My country home awaits ... still...someday ;)

I got me some boxes & I've begun taking down 
I just need to see bare walls for a few days so I can rethink my decor choices. 
And then, I'll do some shopping.
I'll mostly shop my house. 
My game plan:  A fresh 'new' look mostly using my existing favorite items. 
I just want to mix it up a bit. 

See, bare walls ... & clutter.
That's what we've got going on around here ;)

I'm giving myself permission to GET RID OF.
No more keeping any decor that I am not thrilled to see

For the rest of the shopping, I'll visit my favorite stores for a few new {or old} odds & ends pieces.
The big to-do, however, will be the stop at the fabric store.
You see, I think I'm ganna make me some curtains.
Funny thing is ... I don't sew!
James bought me a sewing machine for Christmas though, & she's about to be put to good use!
And bless his heart, James is probably going to be the one showing me how to use it!
It's his 'hidden' talent ... shhhh...don't tell.
Sewing is not the manly-est thing activity on the planet, after all.

I'm also planning to make some new pillows.
That'll be my machine's maiden voyage.
 I'll be sure to show you pics of my sewing disasters along the way. 

All in all, I'm pretty excited.
I rearranged my living room furniture this week, as a start.
It feels really nice & open again with the new arrangement.

Today, I'm planning to get a few things back on the walls ...
some of those things I know I can't live without seeing

Course, our family pics are at the top of the list.
I love these 4 guys {& a dog} ... & when they are gone working long days,
well, they're really not 'gone' ...all I have to do is look at these pics to see all their sweet faces.
Yep, these are one of 'those things' I can't live without seeing

I have to admit, these gorgeous wrap canvases have presented a bit of a decor dilemma.
They are a bit more 'mod' than my usual style {I'm a old chippy, chunky 'frame' kind of girl} ...
so I've tinkered here & there with getting just the right accessories to coordinate with them.
One of these times, I'm ganna get it just right.
Hope it's this time ;)

Well, I'm not getting anything accomplished by sitting here chatting with all of you, so ...get busy I must.

Happy Thursday all~


  1. I love your plant wrapped in burlap! And I especially love the little birdie:)

  2. I am very much into new projects, but I have so much going on!! Maybe April. Can't wait to see how things turn out!

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