Thursday, February 7, 2013

I've Been Published ... sort of ;)

Since we've talking some about books, I wanted to tell you something pretty cool!
My face is in this book!!
My recipes are in this book!!
And yes, the recipes are definitely the better of the two ;)
 My cousin, Macel Ely, Jr., put this amazing recipe book together ... and it's nothin' but sweets!
That's right ... page after page of delectable desserts.
The neat part of this book is that each contributor is in ministry of some sort or a minister's wife.
That's where I come in to play:  I am a minister's wife =)
{I am also a minister's daughter, so I guess I am doubly covered. }

Here I am!

They somehow got our church name incorrect ... it's FAMILY LIFE ASSEMBLY

I shared 2 of my very favorite cakes:
Pina Colada & Prune Cake.
Yum ... I want a piece of each right now!!

This super awesome cookbook is called COME & DINE: A Tribute to Women in Ministry.

Not only are there 130 dessert recipes, the book is filled with over 200 unique photos
of women in ministry from the past and the present.
Many of the old photographs wonderfully capture the essence of the great old-fashioned
church dinners, picnics & other times of fellowship.
Food and fellowship ... haven't those two things gone hand in hand throughout the years
in American church history?

You will be blessed by this cookbook, in more than one way.
I encourage you to order one for your own kitchen!

Click the link below & buy one today!

Now, the next time I talk to you about cookbooks, hopefully it will be about my OWN!
It's a dream of mine to publish a cookbook of my very own.
I've come really close, but just haven't been brave enough to take the plunge.
I've spoken to various publishers & I've gotten product sample sent to me.
I even have an enormous file of potential recipes to be included in the book.
But ... when the time is right ...when the time is right, I'll know & move forward.
And I'll keep you in the loop ...don't worry ;)

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