Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It All Started with This Slip of Paper

It all started with this slip of paper.
He asked for my number & address ... & if I'd sit by him on Friday nt =)
{We were at a youth camp & on Friday nt, the guys & girls could sit together.}
This was in 1989.

I said yes ... & as you can see, I gave him my number & address ...
& added, quite directly I might add, WRITE ME!  ;)


we wrote ... and wrote ... and wrote.
I still have of those treasured cards & letters. 

With Valentine's Day being tomorrow, I guess you could say I'm just taking a stroll down memory lane.
That's alright, isn't it?
See, our first 'date' was to a Valentine's Banquet.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I wasn't allowed to date til I was 16 
{we actually didn't have our first date, just the two of us til I was 17}, we did however,
go to a Valentine's Banquet with my church ... our first Valentine's Day together.

Look at how young & IN LOVE we were <3

I still have this dress, gloves, his boutineer, & my corsage.

We've now spent 24 Valentine's Days together & I am more in love now than ever!
Thank you, God, for Your sovereign plan that led us to each other.


  1. Very sweet! I look back at old pictures of Alika and I and think, "Wow! We were really that young??" But I still have all of our letters, too. Sadly, letter-writing has become a lost art, which only make all of our old letters all the more precious!

  2. LOVE this! Your wedding pictures are gorgeous!

    Ashley from

  3. Very sweet story and pictures! I have a similar story :-)

  4. These pics are just of a Valentines Banquet ... we married a couple yrs later. Thank you so much for visiting!

  5. Babies, we were ;) Sad that not many write letters anymore. I still do ... actually just wrote one today. There's nothing like a personal, hand-written letter. Thanks for stopping by, Tanya.

  6. Precious story! I loved reading it! :)