Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear ____________,

Dear Birthdays,
Thank you for visiting my momma yesterday ... for the 74th time.
I can only hope to have the same flawless, unwrinkled skin when you visit me 
that many times.

Dear Fall-like weather,
Stick around!  Make yourself right at home.  
Especially next Saturday when we host the boys' graduation open house!

Dear {majority of my} Facebook friends,
Thank you for using good manners when social networking.
No one enjoys it when wives bash their husbands or trash talk the family.

Dear Vacation,
I am madly in love with you.
Think about you every night & day.

Dear Arms, Legs, Brain, etc,
Cooperate with me this week.
My to-do list is 1.7 miles long.

Dear God,
Thank you for telling me that you'd restore my soul.
I believe You & I'm counting on it.

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