Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why didn't I buy that?!

I hate it when I pass on buying something that I'm iffy on ... & then decide 
{almost at the same moment that I'm pulling out of the parking lot} 
that I really should've bought it.
Then for the next several days, I pine over it.
Think that maybe, just maybe, it'll be there the next time I go 
{& lord knows when that may be}.

My general shopping theory is when in doubt, buy it!
I am a receipt keeper extraordinaire, so there's never a problem returning 
if I have buyers remorse,
or if it doesn't match, or look as good as I imagined.
However, you can't do that at antique stores.
They have that little pesky 'all sales finals' way of doing business 
that terribly cramps my style.

Lately I had just this scenario.
We were shopping at a large antique mall about 30 minutes from us.
I spotted these chippy, old vintage shutters ...big ones...like taller than me ones.
And they were cheap!
I himmed & hawwed ...thinking where I might use them ...
and ultimately, I walked away.

They looked very similar to these.

Another booth had these neat old scales ... & we all know how 'in' scales are right now.
I wasn't too super thrilled with the eagle painted on each side.
I know I could've painted over it, but that's just not me.
If I find a vintage piece, I really hate to mess with it.
I figure if it's been this way for all these years, who am I to go changing it up.
Again, I walked on.

The ones I passed on were kinda like this.

I guess the other item that lingers in my mind was a pretty good sized crock
{I have a new crock interest}.
It was probably pretty reasonably priced, but I hadn't done much homework on crocks 
& really didn't want to pay 30 something for it.
Knowing what I know now, I should've bought it.

It kinda looked like the crock with the 6 on it, only I think it had a greyish 3, no circle.

I did, however, recently find this little dude at Goodwill {$1.99}.
It doesn't completely soothe my sorrowful heart for passing on the other one, 
but it did a little.

Thank heavens though, not all my shopping trips have ended on a 'why didn't I buy that' note!
Here's a look at a few of the goodies I've picked up over the last month or so.

Got these little miniature forks, spoons, & knife.
I'm not sure what they are made of, but they aren't plastic ...they say made in Germany.
I am also not sure why I even bought them ...ha.
I just thought they were cute & I may be able to do something with them.

As for the ladybug buttons, these will be cute on some Shabby Bowtique accessories.
I paid $1.50 for both, so it definitely didn't break the bank.

These little miniature jars are soo adorable.
They do not have lids, but at $1.95 each, they had to come home with me.
How perfect will these be with some fresh-cut flowers inside.

I am a huge fan of Charles Schulz.
When I saw this lil' book at Goodwill {for .69}, I had to pick it up & look at it.
The title intrigued me.

Another cool thing, it's from Warner Press in Anderson, IN, my hometown.

This is in the front of the book ... how cute is this?!
He's all worn out by the time they get to the 4th verse!

I want to do some research on this book ... & see if there are others similar to it.

Lastly, I love plate holders & multi-level serving trays {or whatever they're called}.
Do I need another one, no ... but this one was just so cute.
Guess I was in a miniature mood cause this is sorta miniature too.
Each tier is about the size of a saucer.

It's a little on the frilly side, but I'm glad I bought it.

It was only $10, but the best thing about it is this: it folds up to {almost} nothing!
Believe me, this is the only way I could constitute buying another one of these dealies.

So, note to self ...think long & hard before passing things up at the antique store!

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