Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lemon Tartlets

I am a huge fan of lemon.
Lemon anything.!

Let me tell ya, this little dessert did not disappoint.
It is pure lemon lushiousness!

Recently, we were on a road trip through Amish country 
& we stopped at this little roadside store.
There were these large sleeves of pie filling & the lemon one 
just somehow found it's way into my hand.

After much thought & deliberation, I decided to make some little pies lemon tartlets.
Although they sound & look incredibly faaancy, they could not be easier to put together
... no 'french pastry chef' degree necessary.

First, I started with a box pie crust.
These things are so versatile.

Roll out the dough & cut out circles.
Simple ... a kindergartner could do it.
My cutter outer: this handy-dandy glass.

The circles should be, well, just about this size.

All the left-over dough should be squooshed together, like so.

Roll it out & viola, 2 more tartlet shells.

Next, after lightly spraying a regular-sized muffin pan, place each circle in place.

Bake according to the box directions.

Golden perfection.

This is where it gets tricky.
Snip off the end of the pie filling & fill each of the cooled tartlet shells.
Be sure & hold your mouth just the right way while you're filling these ;)

I decided to take these little delights to our fellowship meal at church.
These lovely lemon tartlets needed to be shared!
I served them on my green & white palm leaf dish for the perfect color compliment.

 Aren't these caaute?!

For the final over-the-top step, top with a small fluff of whipped cream.
{Use the kind in the can to make these cute little flower shapes}

Oh, I am in love with this dessert.
It was easy, adorable, & delicious.


  1. if I could only get some of that Amish pie filling!

    I'm with ya, girl...Lemon's my favorite as well!

    That is, if it doesn't taste like lemon Pledge!!!!!

  2. tehe ... no to the lemon pledge taste =)
    As for the filling, I've never seen it before either.
    I plan to get more whenever we are down in that neck of the woods again.

  3. Yum, Now I just have to find he pie filling! thanks for sharing , love thatit is so kind of recipe for the summer.


  4. ohhh yum!!!! They look fantastic. Could you send a few to Baltimore please!

  5. Thanks, gals =) I'd box 'em & send if I had some handy =)

  6. I am a lemon-lover as well and these just look so easy and delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe. Yum! Ann

  7. Thank you, ladies, for stopping by & commenting =)

  8. Oh those look so good. I love lemon too!! I so would love a trip through Amish country. I think I would buy everything.