Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Father's Daycation

We escaped for a much needed get-away to Cincinnati on Saturday.
James & the boys have been working waaaay too many hours, 
{even could've been working on Saturday}, 
but James thought we needed a family day out.
Boy, did we ever.

I decided to take full-advantage of the situation & tie it all in to Father's Day.

James has a very favorite restaurant but it's an hour and a half away, 
so we don't get to go too often.
I knew this was a perfect time to go.
The bonus is that there are some other fun places that we like to visit when 
we're in that neck of the woods.
So, the Father's Daycation was planned.

Here are some photos from our fun family day celebrating James.

1st stop:  Bass Pro Shop ... this is always a hit!
{ok, technically the 1st stop was at White Castle, but that's not super blog-worthy.}

I leave Bass Pro wanting to redecorate my house all lodgy.

See why?
Aren't these lanterns to die for?!

Next stop:  JUNGLE JIM'S!
We LOVE this place!!

If you've never been, it's a grocery store extraordinaire, to put it mildly!
I totally think you can find anything & everything there!
They call it a 'foodies paradise' & I think that about sums it up.

You can read more about it here & I previously blogged about it here.

We are cheese aficionados, so much time is spent in the aisles & aisles ... aisles of cheese.
Thought these cheddar cheeses were the cutest ever.

Here are the boys making their selections.
All in all, we walked away with 9 or 10 varieties. about wheels of parmesan!


This is one big cheese ... hanging from the ceiling all the way to the floor!


On to the olive bar.
James is in heaven.

This caught my eye in the candy section.
Hmm, wonder why?!

I remember these from when I was a kid ...candy cigarettes!
Oh brother.


Garrett & Carissa will appreciate this one ... 
a 5 pound gummy bear, coming in at a whopping $30!


Goodbye to Jungle Jim's ... til the next time.


Now, for the REAL reason we came to Cincinnati ...Vincenzo's!
If you want some authentic northern Italian food, you have got to come here!

Happy Father's Day to my sweetheart!!


Our dinners were delicious & definitely picture-worthy, 
but it's pretty dimly lit & my camera just wouldn't cooperate =(
This is the only one worth posting ...of the ciabatta rolls & water decanter.


We had such a wonderful Father's daycation  ... laughing & making memories.