Saturday, June 9, 2012

Today, We Celebrate!

It's hard to believe my babies, my tiny baby twin boys have graduated from high school!
Pretty sure the reality of it
Where in the world has the time gone?
After all, aren't they still supposed to be this size?

Here they are, being held on Christmas eve by their great-grandfather, Butch, 
at just 3 days old. 

This is one of the few pics of me holding my precious babies ...again, only 3 days old.
Looking back {& very sad I don't have better pics of me & them}, 
I guess we were just way too busy with diapers & feedings to be snapping pics!

Although I'd love to go back to the days where I could hold them in my arms,
rock them to sleep, & kiss their tiny feet, I am so proud of the young men
they have become.

They are blessings straight from heaven.

My whole world is right here in one picture.

Today, we celebrate their journey from kindergarten to senior year ...
What an accomplishment!


  1. Congratulations to them & you !!!

  2. Congratulations, Angela, on a job well done. Your homeschooling journey with your twin boys has paid off! Congratulations, guys, for your great accomplishment. May God richly bless all of you!