Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Outside Lights

Our trip to every.home.improvement.store.in.the.city 
in search of the perfect pendant & ceiling light, sadly, was a bust. 
I'd seen just what I wanted for my kitchen on a blog, 
& she said it was from Lowe's, but it was a no-go here.

But we did not leave completely disappointed!
Our outside lights were much in need of replacing.
James has wanted these yicky brass ones gone as long as we've lived here.

Looking pretty dirty & ugly weather-worn.

So, instead of new kitchen lights, we walked out with these.

No, we don't have a log cabin, or even a lodgy home, per se ... but we wish we did!
We do have some lodgy influences throughout our home though, 
& an over-all 'manly' look going on, so we knew these lanterns would fit in just fine.

We replaced all three ... two in the front & one in the back.
And here is how they look!
Absolutely LOVE!

Now, if only we had a cool running stream & a few cattle grazing to go along with these.