Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wanted: A Man to Lead

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 Wanted:  A Man to Lead

There isn't a boy but wants to grow manly & true at heart,
& every lad would like to know the secrets we can impart.
He doesn't want to slack or shirk -- Oh, haven't you heard him plead?
He'll follow a man at play or work... if only the man will lead.

Where are the men to lead today, sparing an hour or two?
Teaching the boy the game to play just as a man should do?
Village & slums are calling ---"Come, Here are the boys!" Indeed,
Who can tell what they might become ... if only the man would lead.

Where are the men to lend a hand? Echo it far & wide --
Men who will rise in every land, bridging the "Great Divide."
Nation & flag & tongue unite joining each class & creed.
Here are the boys would would do right ---
But where are the men to lead?

~Wesleyan Methodist
Taken from: Poems For Patriarchs, compiled & edited by Douglas W. Phillips
*This is one of my very favorite books in my husband's library.

My prayer of gratefulness:
Thank you, Lord, for my husband who when faced with the fork in the road, 
decided to take the road less followed.
When you dealt with his heart, he listened & stepped up to the plate.
He realized the time already lost, grieved, & apologized with a sincere heart.
Not only did you burden him with gravity of the responsibility of leading his own family,
you lit a passion within him to lead others to embrace the ministry of fatherhood.
I clearly realize how different my life would be without his strong leadership, loyalty, & love.
You have blessed our sons & me beyond measure & for that, I thank you.

And thank you for my dad who started following You a long time ago.
Because of his steadfast love for You, & Yours for him, Dad has set a Godly example
for his children to follow.
Dad showed us how to work hard, serve in the ministry, have compassion for friends
& family, & to trust in the power of prayer.
What a heritage.

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