Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The events of my morning are as follows:

Someone gets up to get a drink of milk.
A glass gets knocked out of the cabinet & shatters all over the kitchen floor.
Glass is everywhere.
Breaking a glass at 1:15a is not enough.
On the way down, the glass hits a plate on the counter & breaks it as well.

Gunnar  Someone is vacuuming the kitchen floor because the broom & dust pan
isn't getting up all the tons of glass shards.
Poor fella says, "On the night that I try to go to bed early to get extra sleep
& this has to happen.  Thanks for helping me clean up, Mom."

I think I'm finally almost back to sleep.

The 3 younger hard workers are up.
Normally I sleep through the 'getting ready for work' noises, but not this morning.
I'm in & out for the next little while, until I hear the garage door go up & down...
and then up & down again about 5 minutes later.
Of course I start wondering if something is wrong.
Has someone forgotten something?
Is something wrong with the truck?
I look out the window, but everyone is gone & everything seems as should be.
Back to bed I go.

James alarm is ringing & he's not hearing it.
I am wishing I wasn't hearing it!
Shortly the shower begins running & I'm drifting off to sleep ...
til I realize I need to get up & use the bathroom.
I'm thinking, "This is not a good time!"

I decide since I'm up, I may as well say HI to the hubs.
It would so be his dream come true if I got up every.single.morning with him.
{There.  It's out.  I do not get up with my hubs.  I do not cook his breakfast.}
I meet him downstairs; He prays for me & reads the scriptures...
& tells me how he wishes I'd get up with him everyday like this.

I am half way up the stairs.

5:45 1/2a
James, standing in the kitchen, texts me to say he loves me like all get out.

I am back in the bed, curled up & feeling sleepy again.
This is when our driveway becomes grand central station.
James' work guys arrive to pick up materials, get details about the day's work,
& another arrives to ride in with him.  
Lots of slamming car doors ... & that garage door, up & down another couple times.
Believe it or not, this isn't all that unusual.
There's always lots of activity around here at this time of the morning.
I just usually sleep through it.

I text James & ask if he's about ready to leave, which translate to:
I'm trying to sleep here!

I began to pray.
I have so much to be thankful for.
A healthy family that have jobs to go to, vehicles to take them there,
& a good working garage door that can go up & down multiple times each morning.

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