Friday, October 26, 2012

$1 Pillow Treatment!

Boy, it's been nice having all of you stop by for a visit!
Hope you've enjoyed seeing my fall PANTLE & the LIVING ROOM =)

I confessed my weakness for pillows yesterday & I am excited about this new find ...
especially since it only cost me one whole dollar ... that's right $1!

I was looking for pillow shams for our bedroom when I stumbled across this one.
I loved the soft flannel material & the buttons on the back.
Although I knew it wasn't what I needed for the bedroom, the fabric alone was worth $1 ...
so my plan was to buy the sham & use it to recover an existing pillow.
You all know I don't sew ... so it would be a cheap experiment if I failed ;)

boy ... someone should've ironed this before taking a pic, huh?!

However, after I got it home, I remembered that I had just packed away a pillow
{the pretty green stripe floor pillow that I bought this spring}
& that maybe, just maybe would be the same size as the new sham!

 Sure enough, it was a perfect fit!!

I am super pleased with the look ... it's such a warm & cozy fallish/winterish pillow now.
Here it is with my cream chenille blanket & my super textured tan pillow.

As I mentioned, I'm experimenting with some additional updates with a few other pillows.
I'll show you the finished product soon.

In the meantime, remember the burlap rosettes that I used to update a lamp shade?
Well, a friend of mine placed an order for one to add to a pillow ...
& let me tell you, it is darling!
Check it out!

Life: it's all in the details.

Autumn Blessings~


  1. Hi Angela,
    I love finding new pillows too and especially when they are such a bargain. I love the addition of the flower in the last photo - cute!


  2. The flower just sets it off, huh?! Thanks for visiting =)