Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DIY Lamp Makeover {#1}

This couldn't be simpler.
And often time, simple is just right.

As promised from yesterday's post, here is a step-by-step to achieve this cute makeover.

I first decided to cut off all the hanging bead fringe, on not only this lamp,
but every.single.lamp in the house with beaded fringe.
Not one was left out.

Looking better already.
{No offense to beaded lampshades ... I was just ready for a change.}

I decided I was going to copy this Hobby Lobby beauty to the lamp that sits
on the console table in my living room.
Here's the Hob Lob lamp:

I decided not to completely recover my shade in burlap, instead using the idea to thread a bow
through the lamp shade.

{I save a similar look in our master bedroom, only I tied a grosgrain ribbon completely
around the shade & tied it into a bow...another idea inspired by a lamp at Hob Lob a few yrs ago}

I spread my burlap out on my work station {aka floor} & cut off a strip
about 2 inches wide & 12 inches long {tooo need about 18 inches}.

I cheated a bit with the holes ... no grommets ... only a knife to make the small holes needed.
Very technical process, huh?!

Next, thread the burlap through.
Easy peasy.

This is precisely when I discovered I hadn't cut my strip long enough.
Cute look, but I was going for a bow.

The next strip was too long, but that's an easy problem to fix.
As you can tell, there's plenty of flexibility to this project.

I really liked the longer bow, but again, not the look I had in mind.
After clipping the ends, it was just right.
And for the reveal:

I love my little imperfect, somewhat crooked burlap bow.
Kinda reminds me of ... me ;)
My newly made-over lamp sits here on this console table in the living room.

BTW, you've probably noticed the new paint color on my walls ... such a drastic change.

On the table is a fall floral swag, 2 wooden candlesticks, & a clay leaf made by one of the twins
several years ago as a fall art project.
It's the only one that has survived through the years.

The family picture collage is from fall 2010, taken on a trip to Apple Works, our favorite orchard.
{Walgreen offers a free 8x10 collage quite often ... I get one every time.
I always make it seasonal & switch it out in this frame.}

This sconce is an attempt to hide the wall thermostat.
I change out it's contents seasonally.
For fall, it has orange leaves, feathers, sticks & branches.
Course, the scarecrow is the cutest feature.

Last year about this same time, I took pics throughout our home in an attempt to host a 'Home Tour' ...
but sadly, as with so many of my aspirations, they never made it to the blog.
I am doing it this year though, I promise, I am!
So, stayed tuned ... I would love for you to visit & enjoy the fall decor =)


console table, lamp, mirror ~ Lowe's
sconce ~ Old Time Pottery
swag ~ old piece from Home Interior
frame ~ Hob Lob
candlesticks ~ flea market


  1. So simple and beautiful!!!!! Have a great Thursday.

  2. Thanks, girls =) Fall ranks right up there in favorites...right up with Christmas =)

  3. So pretty! (found you from the WLWW link party)