Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn Home Tour ~ Living Room

On Monday, I debuted my pantle.
Isn't that a silly name?!
That's precisely why I like it.
In case you missed it, click HERE to see it.

Today, I'll finish showing you the living room, all decked out for fall.
Here's a look at most of the room ... it's rather longish & a bit tough
for an amature photographer like me to shoot.
So overlook any problem areas in my pics, okay?

My furniture is definitely a bit monochromatic & matchy.
{We have 2 identical leather couches & 2 identical arm chairs.}
We've only had it about 6 years, & while it still looks lovely,  it's not the most comfortable ever.
{If I'd barely agree, James would replace it all!
And if he had his way, the whole house living room would be outfitted with recliners!}
But I'm holding out.
Furniture is expensive ... & shopping for it is exhausting.
I'll be ready for a change though, whenever that time rolls around.

I've been contemplating recovering and/or painting these chairs for a more shabby look,
but I just can't seem to get up enough nerve to do it ... yet ;)

I read a blog a while back, several actually, where the ladies had decided that for a time,
they would spend $0 on home decor.
They were reusing & repurposing they items they already had.
I do this a lot already, as most of my decor works from room to room,
but I decided I would take the same challenge, using the things I already have,
maybe just using them in a different room or in a different way.

For the most part, I've done just that ... with a few 'small' exceptions along the way.
This is one of them.
I caved over this 'We are Blessed'  ... it just had to come home with me.
I fell in love with it & it was glad it was only $6.99.

This basket is sitting on the table between the arm chairs.
I've had it for a long time & have used it a gazillion different ways.
This fall, it's filled with mini pumpkins & gourds.
I tied a twine bow on the rim for an added touch.

Doesn't nature's harvest provides the most color & character?
It's simplistic beauty at it's best.

The idea continued here only using corn kernels.
I have them displayed in three places in my living room & once in my dining room.
After filling my little crock with the kernels, I placed the most divinely smelling fall candle ever!
Glad I have three of those, as well.

The coffee table is topped with my antique mirror & old burlap bag, along with the wooden candle holder.

One thing I love about my coffee table, the lid raises & the whole thing is a giant storage area!
Not only that, underneath is additional storage.
I've added my old Pepsi crate & a lined basket for photo albums & magazines.

The 2 end tables are outfitted like this:

I keep the framed pic of Riley just as it is & set it out each fall.
It was taken in SC & I adore it.

Here is another use of the corn kernels.

I was recently given this little fall basket by my friend, Tammy ...
it fits in so perfectly that I had to add it to my table.

I love this wall hanging ~ it sums us up ... We will serve the Lord!

Here is the armoire wall ~ it's an alcove in the living room, perfect for this large piece of furniture.

The top is a great display area & I switch it out from season to season.

The antique basket was part of our anniversary gift from our church
& sitting on top is one of my favorite ironstone pitchers.

James' rocking chair sits here {when it's not carried out to the porch or patio}.

This is what you see when you come in the front door, looking all the way into the kitchen.
See those little furry black legs sticking out?!

According to the floor plan, the space between the second couch & the piano was to be the dining room.
That's how it was set up when we bought the house, but that made no sense to us.
There is another room at the far end of the kitchen {a family room} that was the perfect dining room!
We decided right away to set up the house in the way that it would be best suited to us.
Now, this makes for a large, long room & it works just right for us.

Cooper decided to really get in this shot.

And this is what you see from the opposite direction ... looking in from the kitchen.

I've used these curtains in the fall & winter for a few years now...
but I've got my eye on these to-die-for curtains.
I just need to find someone to sew them for me.
{Oh how I wish I knew how to sew!!}

I'd also like to replace the little half-table with a shabby looking chest of drawers,
but until I find the right one, this one will stay put.

One of my weaknesses is pillows.
Seems like I am forever on the hunt for the perfect ones.
But good grief, pillows are expensive too!
So, I am currently working on some DIY pillow treatments ... I'll have to show them to you soon.
Tomorrow, I'll show you how I updated one for $1!!

Oh, one last thing, how can I not mention The Studio Photography.
These treasured family photos you see on the walls & tables were taken there.
Not only do they take fantabulous pictures, they are precious friends of ours & we highly recommend them.

Hope you've enjoyed looking into the living room.
I'm sure glad you stopped by.

~Autumn Blessings

{Sharing over at Savvy Southern Style}


  1. What AMAZING decorations! You do beautiful work!

  2. Looks beautiful! Love it!

  3. Beautiful.. thank you for sharing!

  4. So many pretty things. my husband would furnish our house in recliners too!!! Its a guy thing. i love the family photos!! Happy friday.

  5. So many pretty things. my husband would furnish our house in recliners too!!! Its a guy thing. i love the family photos!! Happy friday.

  6. Just lovely! I would love to come over, sit down with you and a cup of coffee and visit!