Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Lamp Shade Needs a Makeover!

I've got this old lamp, well, it's been around a while ... about 21 years, in fact.
I think we got it right after we got married.
It was the typical brass-finish floor lamp, complete with the beaded fringe on the shade.

Now, since it's been around for so long {it's lived in 5 houses now}, 
it's accumulated a spot or two on the shade, & was a bit tarnished on the base.
All in all, it lost that 'new lamp' look a looong time ago.
{Sadly, no 'before' pic}

A few years back, I gave it the 1st makeover:  
I painted the metal part of the lamp 'Matte Black' ...& I painted the SHADE 'Heirloom White'.
Yep, you heard me right, I spray painted the lamp shade.
It worked perfectly & was just the update it needed.

But, fast forward a couple years, the lamp shade just needed something else.
I wanted to spruce it up a bit without spending much money.
And on a recent trip to Hob Lob, I found just the inspiration I needed.
Take a look at their current lamp selection:

Aren't these fabulous?!
I love using burlap ... & rosettes/fabric flowers, well, that's my specialty!
{Check out my home business, Shabby Bowtique, here}

I knew I could recreate these looks & be waaayy more budget-friendly.

I quickly got to work on 2 lamp shade makeovers & I'm super pleased with the outcome!

Here's Lamp Makeover #1:  a simple burlap ribbon~

And here's #2:  a Shabby Bowtique trio of burlap rosettes, complete with buttons & pearls~

Whataya think?
I totally love the simple, inexpensive touches that can bring new life to old pieces!

These were both very easy & quick makeovers.
Be sure & come back tomorrow ... I'll show you just how I did it {step-by-step pics & instructions}.

Happy Fall, y'all~


  1. Hi Angela! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today, and for the sweet comment :) I just love how you dressed up your lamps - sometimes it's the little details that really make things stand out. You asked about etsy - I'm very new at it myself, so I don't have all the answers. You don't have to have a separate bank account, but it might would make it easier to keep track of everything to keep it separate. Etsy is very easy and user friendly, and there's not much risk, so I say go for it! It sure doesn't hurt to try :) Good luck!

  2. Thank you for the info. I read somewhere for security purposes, it may be good to have an acct with just a little money {only for Etsy} so someone can't wipe out your acct if it is breached. Guess I'm in the ices ages & worry about my acct being hacked ;) I sure appreciate your encouragement to take the plunge =) Love your blog, btw ... been following for about a year.