Friday, October 5, 2012

My $1.28 Load of T.P ...& Other Great Deals!

I promised you details on how I got this TP for SOO cheap, so here goes.

I am a couponer ... have been for years.
My mom was a couponer.
I remember perfecting my cutting skills as a little girl by helping clip the coupons with my Mom.
So for me, using coupons at the grocery store is easy peasy.
I rarely check out at Kroger without a coupon or 2 17 ;)

I few years back, I began to experiment with couponing at CVS & Walgreen.
It's a whole different ballgame at these two places, because to really get the best back for your buck,
you want to take advantage of their 'rewards' that come back to you by way of a register coupon.

If you play your cards right, your will often pay verrrry little OOP {out of pocket}
& walk out of the store with rewards {$$ coupons} to apply to your next purchase.

This does require a bit more planning than say your usual trip to the grocery, but it pays for itself.
And, after doing it a while, you get better at putting the deals together & spend less time on it.

I decided a year or so ago to quit shopping Walgreen for these deals.
They have too many 'rules' & stipulations for me to remember & get right.
It's a bit like jumping through hoops to save a buck ... & that, I do not have the time or patience for.

CVS, however, is more user-friendly & within no time, I learned their system
{with the help of several CVS savvy friends} & I'm doing a pretty good job at stretching my buck there.
My toiletry stash has grown tremendously & I've spent very little OOP.

Here are a couple of sites I like to follow to help me snag some bargains.
They list the deals, the coordinating coupons, & plenty of tips ...
& if you are new to this, they offer lots of info to help you learn each store's system.

Southern Savers ~ I use this site for CVS & Kroger

Bargains To Bounty ~ I use this site for Meijer & CVS

In Good Cents ~ This lady is from Indiana & she posts deals for local events, etc.

I also like:
Wild for CVS
I Heart CVS

These sites really take most of the work out of using coupons.
They put the deals together for you, tell you where to find the coupons, & list links for printables.
They are full of info & keep all the current info posted.

Now, all that being said, here are a few of the deals I've gotten in the past couple weeks.
I could literally post every.single.week about one deal or another because I really do get great deals
that often {usually free stuff each week, no joke}, but honestly, I just don't have time to get them posted.

For my toilet paper deal:
It was CVS brand {I tore open the corner of the package to see what it felt like before I bought}
& was marked down to $3.99 for 24 rolls.
I had a $4 off a $20 purchase coupon that expired that day & quite a stash of accumulated
CVS 'Extra Care Bucks' that I had earned from prior purchases.
{I'll tell you about that in a sec cause this is where they come in handy!}

I bought 5 packages, used 6 coupons {5 were ECB's} & paid $1.28!

I normally buy toilet paper at Aldi.
It's 4.99 for a 12 double roll pack & is very similar to Quilted Northern.
It's the best price on TP, without a sale or coupon.
So, I basically saved $25 on TP, which is a great savings considering it's 'money' going right down the toilet!

Here are the 2 transactions that I made earlier in the week at CVS that gave me so many of the ECB's
that I used toward the toilet paper.
This one was a dandy!

-2 gallons whole milk
-3 Glade air freshener
-2 Glade scented oil twin packs
-2 Glade Expressions air freshner
-2 Thermacare wraps
-Venus razor
-Gillette Fusion razor
-Tom's of Maine toothpaste
-CVS body wash
-Nuance am/pm cream

And you know what I paid OOP for alllll this stuff?!
I paid $3.55!
AND & I got back $24.58 in ECB's!!
I'd have to say, this was one of my best deals yet at CVS!

I called my hubs after all this & said, "Oh yea, I can shop like a rock star!"

I also hit up Meijer to take advantage of the Glade/Pledge/Scrubbing Bubbles/Windex deal.
It was 'Buy $20 of participating items, get $5 back' & some of the products were offering an additional
$2 & $1 back, in conjunction.
There were lots of manu. coupons out for these products too.

I spent $30.30 OOP & got back $16 in register coupons, which I applied directly to my next order.
{Canned veggies were on sale for .33 each ... I bought 48 cans of green beans which totaled to $16,
which I paid for with my $16 in coupons!}

Now, the $30.30 was a bit more OOP than I usually spend, but I got a lot of goodies for that price!
-4 Pledge sprays $3.69 each
-3 Glade oil diffusers $7.99 each
-1 Glade diffuser refill $4.99
-1 Glade expressions $3.99
-1 Glade expressions refill $2.99
-2 Glade candles $2.99 each

I used over $32 in coupons on these 12 items!

This post is kinda longish already, but I'm ganna throw in 2 more deals that I got recently.
You won't get too mad at me, right?!

This was another steal at Meijer.
3 big packs of broccoli for .30 each!

 Found these babies on the markdown cart.

Tip:  Know your store.
Find out when/where the markdown items are & always check for deals.
Our favorite way to eat broccoli is oven roasted & that's exactly what I did with this the next day.
{If you haven't tried it this way, find the recipe here.

And lastly, our Kroger is remodeling.
They've been marking down lots of items & I scooped up.

All the olives/peppers were $1 a jar ... great stock-up price especially for all the Mississippi Potatoes
I'll be making during the holidays.
The vitamins were $2 each & I had $1 off coupons ... & the mac & cheese was .29.

The bottom line is this:  the more I can save on this & that, the more money we have for ....
Yes, folks, this is my motivation.

Anyhoo...I'm stretching my bucks over here in my neck of the woods & I hope you are too =)


  1. Oh girl you are making me want to get over to CVS right now. Great job!!

  2. tehe ... I was pretty elated with some of these deals =)

  3. great deals!
    There is a new CVS being built in my town and should open very soon, I can't wait!

    you are very inspiring.

  4. Ohh, fun! Hopefully you can scoop up some bargains when they do grand opening deals! Thanks for the sweet comment!