Monday, October 29, 2012

My SUPER savings this week {& last}!

I've been raking in the deals lately ... & I'm SO grateful for each & every one.
I'm going to share a couple of them with you today.

Here is an exceptionally crazy-good deal from last week ... & all the thanks goes to my sweet friend, Jody!
Every now & again, Aldi {one of my very favorite places to shop}
will have some ridiculously low markdowns.
It's all a matter of timing ... being there when they've just been marked down to scoop 'em up quick.

Last week when Jody stopped in, they said due to getting in lots & lots of seasonal stock,
they were doing some major markdowns just to clear shelf space.
In the front of the store was several carts, shelves, & tables filled with all sorts of goodies
marked down to .45! read that right 45 cents!!
Oh my.

Here's what I bought:

With the exception of the pies, turkey, & cheese, everything else was .45 each!
I am not joking.

The turkey was marked down to $1 ... the cheese was $1.29.

Couldn't believe this chocolate covered cherries & cranberries ... originally $3.99 for .45 each!!

 The fruit pies were clearanced to $1.99.

This pumpkin cheesecake was $8 marked to half price to $4.

And for all the Mississippi Potatoes I make during the holiday season, these mayos were a great find.
With all the lunches I pack, we use plenty of it ... plus, it has a long shelf life.

And cashews ... 45 cents ... I think yes!

40 ounce jars of peanut butter {yes, .45} just in time for holiday baking!
Course, I bought a few extra to share with family ...
at these prices, I can't pass up the opportunity to share with others.

Thank you, Jody for texting me about this deal!

Now, for my CVS deals for this week ... I made 2 transactions.
My first one was pretty good, so I'll show you that one.
Here is #1:  My total was $50 + change ... & I paid $2 OOP!!
Plus, I got back $18.49 in ECBs for next time!

Now, very best deals last week came from Kroger, but I didn't take pics of those.
I just didn't have time to set them all out.
I made several transactions throughout the week, doing the Buy 5, Get $5 back promotion.
I got lots {LOTS} of freebies & I lost count of the $5 coupons that I got back.

All in all, it was a good week.
I'm glad to be stocking up now, because with the holidays coming, I'll be awfully busy.
I probably won't have as much time to seriously coupon til after the first of the year.

Hope you are finding some bargains & stretching your dollars =)

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